Ren Faire Weekend

We were still bundled up indoors while the snow flew when Dave turned to me and said, “I want to go to the Ren Faire again this year, and I want to wear a kilt.”

Me: (loooooong pause) “What?! Okay!”


I love dressing up, but my husband has never been a fan. He doesn’t like Halloween and is much more comfortable wearing his own clothes than the strange costumes I’ve encouraged him to wear for all the themed parties my family throws. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that he wanted to return to the faire in costume. I guess he felt out of place the last time we went.


Not this year!

We got a late start Saturday morning, but eventually met up with a group of friends to eat, drink, and be merry.


Woohoo, sexy Scotsman!


It never gets old. I could keep looking at this picture and smile forever.

We didn’t visit too many vendors this time, which was probably good for our wallet, but we had plenty of food, mead, and shows to entertain us.


I was really hungry when we first arrived and immediately bought a small bowl of mushrooms, which came with a breadstick for dipping. So juicy and flavorful. I always forget to make just mushrooms as a side, but they’re so good.


Look, a camel! Of course you’ve probably heard me say before that I’m not entirely comfortable with bringing animals into a strange environment for our amusement. Still, it was cool to see a camel. 🙂


Whoa. This girl must have crazy upper body strength.


Like a quarter of the women there, Michelle and I rocked corsets. How awesome does she look?!


Shelby also pulled it off splendidly. It was her first (and maybe last) time wearing a corset.

It was wenches weekend at the faire, and there was certainly no shortage of cleavage. Some women were scantily clad in chain mail bikinis that perhaps should not have been, but kudos to them for not being self conscious. Goes both ways, I guess.


Some women, like my friend Tess, chose to wore more practical chain mail. I just love seeing people in costume. People watching at the faire is fabulous.


And it’s even more fun to see friends dressed up than strangers.006


We met Shelby’s friend Brittyn (hope I spelled that right) for the first time yesterday, and he worked hard the night before to make a costume from his drapes. He won big points for that.


My friend Em’s best friend Jimmy is one of three very talented artists (Small, Medium, and Large) in the Barely Balanced act. Like last time we visited the faire, he was wonderful and provided four of us with free tickets. Thanks, Jimmy!


The Barely Balanced show was amazing. My friend Dan helped Medium (Cameron) onto the stage on his stilts as the show began, and then we watched them do all sorts of crazy stunts that could easily end badly but never did.

PicMonkey Collage

I know from Emily’s stories that these three practice a lot, so I wasn’t too nervous watching the show, except when a volunteer from the audience put one of the balance boards on crooked. Fortunately, everyone survived the show with smiles, and we got our picture with the extremely talented bunch.

PicMonkey Collage2


Another snack: a Monkey Tail (aka frozen chocolate covered banana on a stick). Yes, I realize how weird it looks, but it was good!


After the fire show, we finally headed back to the car to remove our corsets and head to our friend Tess’ apartment. My ribs were very happy to be in a regular shirt afterwards.


Right at the exit, Dave surprised me with a single red rose.


Somebody loves me!

After arriving at Tess’, it was a lovely night of eating snacks, drinking beer, and playing Jenga.

PicMonkey Collage1

This morning, we went to a lovely cafe in Wauwatosa called The City Market for breakfast. My phone was dead at that point, so no pictures. I wasn’t too hungry and only ate half of my bowl of Greek yogurt and granola. We hung out for a little bit more back at the apartment before it was time to hit the road.

We were only about 15 minutes away from our apartment in Green Bay when my car started making a strange rattling noise, and we had to pull over at a gas station. Now my car is sitting in the parking lot to hopefully be fixed by the auto service shop across the street. Sigh. It was a lovely weekend with a not-so-great ending, but I’m trying not to be too worried about my car problems. Just keep your fingers crossed I don’t have to drain my savings account to pay for it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. Ran across this page via a search…the first shot of you and Michelle is somewhat ruined by the white t-shirt guy picking his nose in the background…

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