Discovering Alaska, Part VII: The Last Day

We did so many things while we were staying in Seward that vacation didn’t fly by as quickly as I’d imagined. I woke up Friday much more chipper than I had been the night before.

487Yes, I was sad to leave, but I had a whole day left to bum around with Mom and Dina, a train ride to look forward to, and Dave waiting for me on the other side.

We met Jake and Amanda for one last breakfast at the Resurrection Roadhouse.

488Though I was tempted to order the gravlax again, my body was craving vegetables. I’d been eating relatively healthy all week (lots of fish!) but not nearly as many greens as I’m used to. Thus, I ordered the Stack, which was roasted vegetables, spinach, sunny eggs, potatoes, and toast. I left one egg but ate all the rest.


I loved the purple potatoes that came with many of the breakfast entrees. I definitely need to start baking with them. (This was just another reason to love the Resurrection Roadhouse–they really go above and beyond to make sure you food both tastes and looks amazing).

I also snagged a few pieces of fruit off the fruit plate Amanda ordered.


After breakfast and goodbyes, Amanda took off with her roommate Maggie to head to the music festival, Salmon Stock, while Jake went home to pack. Mom, Dina, and I followed suit and were packed up in no time, unsure what to do. We had requested a late check-out but with nothing and no one keeping us there, we decided to check out early and head into town.

PicMonkey Collage67

The Roadhouse took our luggage right to the train station for us, which was awesome. We didn’t have to worry about lugging it around all day, and we didn’t even have to pick it up until the train dropped us off in Anchorage.

Friday was our last chance to pick up souvenirs. We kept consulting with each other to make sure no one was getting the same gifts as we filled our remaining packs with trinkets galore. We tried to stop in all the places Amanda and Jake said we had to see, but first we had to get another round of gelato at Sweet Darlings. Obviously.


This time, mint chocolate chip and double chocolate chunk. Nom nom nom.

Then we took a quick peek at Thorn’s Showcase Lounge, which was definitely a must-see place. Very old school, Las Vegas-in-the-50s atmosphere (well, I imagine…since I wasn’t alive during the 50s).

503 I can imagine having a Mad Men party there with my friends, all sipping on martinis whilst wearing slinky black dresses and shiny suits.


After Thorn’s, we stopped at Yukon Bar, where we decided to have one last beer.

506 Lo and behold, there was Jake sitting at the bar with Liz!

510They were all packed for the festival but were still waiting to get their paychecks before heading out. It was nice to spend a little more time with him before they took off again.

509 Yukon Bar had a very cool atmosphere, as well. The walls and ceiling were all covered with bills signed and tacked up by customers.


That last beer sure tasted good going down. We walked back up the street and into some more shops, then decided to go to Apollo Restaurant for lunch.

520 I was stoked to see dolmas on the menu as an appetizer and decided to order them for my lunch with a side Greek salad. Mom followed suit, only with the stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, and we split them. More sharing!



My dolmas were served with chewy pita bread and fresh tzatiki sauce. Mmm, I love Greek food. I wish we had a Greek restaurant in Green Bay (we have a cafe, but it’s not the same).522

The Greek salad was larger than I was expecting, so I left a little after polishing off half the dolmas and mushrooms. Everyone around us was ordering pizza, so it must be pretty good there, but I was very satisfied with my meal. However, the decor left something to be desired. Mom and I kept talking about how we would improve it and do a cool murder mystery there.


The helmets can stay.519

After lunch, it was another long walk to the train station.

524It was a lovely walk beside the bay.


We must have put on at least five miles every day with all the walking we did, but that meant I didn’t have to feel too guilty about the daily desserts we shared.

Here’s my official boarding pass!


We waited for over an hour at the train station before boarding, and with one last wave, we said goodbye to Seward.



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