A Trip Through Our Wedding, Part V: The Reception

Ahh, the reception. Maybe not the most important part of a wedding, but definitely the most fun part. It was when we allowed the outside world to break into our twosome, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

10-01-10 (442)

Shortly after the ceremony, when Dave and I finished hugging everyone who came, we headed up to the outdoor patio for cocktail hour .I was busy mingling with friends and family, and my friend Nicole was awesome at bringing me drinks every time I got low. I probably wouldn’t have gotten any otherwise.

10-01-10 (467) We also had an amazing selection of hor’s douevres being passed around which was great since I’d hardly eaten anything at that point.

10-01-10 (469)

However, after only a few noshes, the non-related photographer whisked me away upstairs and started taking a billion and one pictures of me. My mouth hurt so much from smiling, I felt like a hanger had been forced into it. I have to say that was my least favorite part of the day: I love having all those pictures now, but I didn’t like being torn away from the fun. I don’t even look like myself in some of the pictures.

10-01-10 (309)Who’s that girl? Definitely not me. Dave joined in for some photos at the end, so I felt a little better.

10-01-10 (527)

We were having so much fun during cocktail hour that Dave and I needed a little push to get everyone inside for dinner.

10-01-10 (509)I made name cards so everyone could choose their own seats, and we began with salads at the tables.

10-01-10 (515)Dave thanked everyone for coming, and we toasted with Dona Sol red wine. My new father-in-law Barry gave a heartwarming toast.

10-01-10 (543)My dad said a few words. And Dave’s sister gave her “Best Man” speech which was both hilarious and heartwarming. My maid of honor and sister Emily elected not to say anything, but her love spoke through my dress.

10-01-10 (550)

There was a buffet set up in an adjoining room with all the delicious food: roast pork, bourbon chicken, brown sugar carrots, red potatoes, and rolls. I noticed that a couple of the menu changes we requested hadn’t been done, but Dave didn’t, and it wasn’t a huge deal. Since there were only 40 people, the buffet line went very smoothly. I hardly remember anything about dinner, except that it was delicious.

10-01-10 (567)

After everyone was satisfied, we headed into the adjoining room for dancing. We started with our first dance as husband and wife to “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes, followed by the father-daughter dance, then the mother-son dance, and then Solace set up to play.

10-01-10 (633)

10-01-10 (665)

What we did not do: a bridal party entrance or dance, a garter toss, a flower toss, or any games involving toilet paper. I think every couple is entitled to the wedding they want, and none of those things were on our must-do list. I still have nightmares about the time my cousin got married and her new husband was blindfolded and had to grab the garter off my grandma’s leg with his teeth (thinking it was his new wife). *shudders*

10-01-10 (655)

10-01-10 (662)

What we did do: laughed, talked, mingled, drank, DANCED! I know I’m biased because my brother and two of my best friends comprise the band, but they are so good. They can rock any cover song, and their original songs are amazing. Keep your eye out for Solace, folks! I was having so much fun, I didn’t want it to end. I kept sporadically checking the clock to see how quickly the fun was counting down. It was over much, much too soon (meaning we wanted the party to last and ended up at some horrible bar followed by Denny’s, which I wish I didn’t remember).

10-01-10 (667)

10-01-10 (668)

On the drive back to the hotel, Dave and I both decided we wanted a re-enactment of our wedding day. It was wonderful.


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