Checking in from Seward, AK

Our hotel is great. There’s a main lodge with fifteen small cabins scattered around the plot, and ours is right next to the Resurrection Roadhouse Restaurant. It feels like girl scout camp walking to and from our hotel room to the restaurant and main lodge.


We’re staying in the ‘Windflower’ cabin. We haven’t been hanging out too much in our rooms thus far, but the beds are comfy, and the mountain air that sweeps through the room is very refreshing for sleeping.

I started my first full day in Alaska with a morning run.


It. Was. Awesome.

On the agenda for the day: Hiking to Exit Glacier.


I just can’t get over there are mountains everywhere I look. It would be a beautiful place with just the lush greenery and flowers, but the sheer force of the mountains just puts it over the top.


I really wanted to touch the glacier, but it was too hazardous. Got close, though! I love being so close to nature. It fills my soul with something that I’m missing in the city.



This morning we hopped on the Coastal Explorer for a Kenai Fjords glacier cruise. This time we headed to Holgate Glacier.



The sound of ice breaking and falling was like thunder and fireworks mixed together. There were heaps of sea lions, puffins, and whales….EVERYWHERE! So many whales.



I am having so much fun with my family, especially Amanda and Jake. They are so funny, I feel like I’ve been laughing half the trip. Off for more fun!


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