A Trip Through Our Wedding, Part I: The Proposal

Like most people, my wedding was the happiest day of my life….so far. Not only because I married a man who never fails to show much how much he loves me, but because I got to celebrate with all of my very favorite people in the world (It should be noted that I’ve added a few more “favorite” people to my collection since then).

Family & Friends. Music. Food. Poetry. Dancing. Seeing Dave’s face as he read his vows to me. I would relive it once a month if I could. Dave would like to as well, but he wants to nix the ceremony part where he cries.

10-01-10 (394)

Dave proposed on a cool November night, just after Thanksgiving. At the time, we had been together just over a year. Though I knew he had bought a ring (because of the strange way he had been acting weeks before and because of my feminine intuition), it was a spontaneous proposal. I believe he actually intended to propose right before Christmas.

We were living in our first apartment together and had just put up all the holiday decorations. Neither of us is religious, but we absolutely adore the holidays and usually put up our decorations right after Thanksgiving.

100_3684We turned on the lights and lit up the tree, then lay together on the couch. Our cat Athena jumped up beside us purring and I said, “Everything is just perfect right now.” Dave pullled a box out of his pocket and said “Would it be more perfect if you were wearing this?”


Then Dave began the speech. It was a flowery, lovely speech; the speech everyone wants to hear during a proposal. Unfortunately, I don’t remember it, because my ears were buzzing, my mouth went dry, and my heart was beating so loud, I was sure it had flown out of my chest and up into my ear canal.

“Yes,” was on the tip of my tongue, but it just wouldn’t spill out. If it had, it may have sounded like a bullfrog with a cold. Dave’s voice was a little shaky and nervous, and as I looked into the face I loved the most in the world, I kissed him, still rendered speechless.

“Does that mean yes?” he asked. “Yes, it does,” I answered.


The ring was so beautiful and so “me.” Only Dave could have picked it out. He knew I wasn’t a huge fan of diamonds and instead got an emerald setting with tiny diamonds clustered around in waves. Dave actually didn’t know there were diamonds in the ring. He told me later that he thought they were “sparklies.”

I asked my mom to stop by my workplace a day later, because I had to show her something. When she came in, I proudly showed off my left hand and the ring and said “Dave proposed!”

She gasped, looking at the ring and asked……….”What did you say?!”

She clearly forgot that by putting the ring on your finger, then showing it off to people is a pretty clear “yes.” She then asked if her skin would turn green and warty and if she would have to wear a black pointy hat until I pointed out “That’s a witch, Mom, not a mother-in-law.” Obviously, she was in shock.


Dave and I couldn’t decide on a date. We knew we wanted to finish college (we were in our senior year) and save up some money….but it didn’t happen. Dave was frequently in between jobs and mine just covered our bills, nothing more. We moved down to Illinois a year and a half after Dave proposed to live with his parents and search for work in a new state. And it was then, both unemployed, that we decided to finally tie the knot.


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