Travelin’ Song

I’ve been gone less than a day, and I’ve already taken 150 pictures. The whole trip has been surreal so far. I will post in detail later, but I wanted to give you some tidbits of what’s been going on.

For my first flight ever, Mom let me snag the window seat and watch takeoff. The flight attendant cautioned “We had a pretty turbulent flight on the way here and expect it will be the same on the way back so please keep your seatbelts fastened.”



After taking off, feeling my stomach bounce around, watching rain slash the window pane, and try to wrap my head around the fact that I was 10,000 feet in the air, I felt a little like this when our first flight landed after just forty minutes.



It was terrifying, but exhilarating. And when we got on our second flight three hours later, I picked a window seat again.



Another wing-side seat! This plane was much larger and much more comfortable. Even still, I was not a fan of taking off. My hands and feet were sweating, and Mom had to put her hand on mine to stop me from performing some magical trick on the plane with my waving hands. Being suspended in air, handling the turbulent patches, and even landing I was just fine with. I tried to sleep for a bit on our 5 1/2 hour flight but didn’t have much luck. It’s hard to sleep when this is under your nose



I’m in love with this landscape. We waited seven hours in the Anchorage airport, and it felt like an eternity. I just wanted to be amongst those mountains!



We walked around, watched some Gilmore Girls on Mom’s laptop, walked some more, slept restlessly on the seats, and drank coffee while we waited until it was time to leave the airport to taxi to our bus.


The bus ride was just amazing. I wanted to sleep, but I could barely keep my eyes closed because this was outside my window



The last time I saw mountains, I was thirteen and in Virginia. Wisconsin is beautiful, but these mountains were just eye-opening, breath-taking, falling-in-love awesome.

After two and a half hours, if it was possible, we arrived to an even more beautiful place.



We met my cousins Amanda and Jake, who gave us a wonderfully warm welcome. We got a tour of the lodge, the village of Seward, and sat down for some much needed food.



After lunch, we headed to the beach. It was like no beach I had ever seen before.


I feel like I’ve been awake forever, but I just can’t sleep yet. Seward is luring me in with its siren calls, and I must answer.


2 thoughts on “Travelin’ Song

  1. So glad you made it safely! Turbulence is no fun – too bad you got it on your first flight. Hopefully the return will be much smoother!

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