My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready to Go

Yesterday’s exercise: “running” errands. It counts if I say it does!

As soon as I left work, there was a torrential downpour, complete with lightning. Fun! We haven’t had a thunderstorm in awhile, and I love them. Plus it gave me an excuse to try out the rain jacket I purchased for Alaska.


It’s a Columbia Women’s Switchback Rain Jacket: the cheapest one I could find at $39.99 that still got decent reviews.

It’s surprisingly warm for how light it is, and it fits like a glove: really not a lot of wiggle room in here. I’m still used to the rain jackets we used to wear up at our cabin.

2009_ (539)

Either thick, heavy plastic in bright pink and blue or one like my sister Moriah is posing in, which drowns you before the water gets you. Mine is much classier, at least according to my mom who I ran into at Target: “You look so stylish!” “You mean in my flip flops, rain jacket, and hat?” Apparently it doesn’t take much to make me stylish. I must look like a scrub most of the time.

Errands yesterday included:

  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Calling Cellcom to add roaming minutes
  • Calling my bank to let them know I’m using my debit card in Alaska (which apparently you only have to do if you’re using a credit card or traveling internationally–I heard Russia was right next to Alaska, so I just wanted to give them a head’s up in case I ventured over unexpectedly)
  • Depositing checks at the bank
  • Going to Target for Dramamine, gum, and snacks for the plane

And then I followed my mom’s advice and started packing whilst drinking a glass of wine.


Look how much room I have left in my suitcase! Plenty of space for someone who wants to hitch a ride or to fill with souvenirs. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m forgetting a lot of things.


Artemis and I developed a special bond when we went to the vet together, and now he doesn’t want me to go. “Papa can’t clean my puke like you can, Mama! Stay! Stay!”


Meanwhile, Athena gave me the cold shoulder. “Oh, you’re leaving? Fine.”

Dave and I never really decided to do anything last night, so we feasted on a heap ton of sushi and watched I Love Lucy.



Dave fell asleep with his head on my lap around 9:00pm, and then I went to bed. We’re such party animals.



I haven’t always been a cat person. Four years ago, I lost one of my best friends. I still think about Sage quite often and remember his funeral like it was yesterday; my family sat in a circle around Sage’s body in the blanket-covered Red Rider wagon, raised a shot of whiskey and drank to the life he had with us, and I finally kissed his furry head and blessed his death with my tears. I miss my little fluffernugget.


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