Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

I woke up at 6:00am this morning with 11 hours until takeoff. It was a wonderfully cool morning; we opened up the window and door, and the breeze through the apartment made it feel just like fall. No wonder I slept so well last night.

After two cups of deliciously hot coffee (which I haven’t enjoyed since spring), I went on a long walk to kill some time.

001Mile 1: 14:13

Mile 2: 14:49

Mile 3: 14:49

Mile 4: 13:46 (couldn’t help it and started to run)

Mile 5: 13:34

Total miles: 4.87   Duration: 1:09:25   Pace per mile: 14:15

Dave and I went to Target to kill some more time, and after I came home and triple checked that I packed everything, we decided to enjoy lunch out together.

imageDave and I are connoisseurs of good bread, and I have found most bakeries to be delightful places for lunch. The type of bread used can make or break a sandwich. We went to Not By Bread Alone once before and loved their lunches, though we found the loaves of bread for sale very pricy compared to other bakeries in the area.

imageI really like the interior of the place; the gold and orange embellishments make me think of Tuscany, but Dave thinks it’s “too yellow.” Not By Bread Alone has a great selection of salads, hot and cold sandwiches, soups, and coffee drinks. We spent a little bit deliberating before finally going with the special: 1/2 a cranberry egg salad sandwich with spicy tomato dill soup.

imageAnother awesome thing about eating at a bakery: they always give you extra bread on the side. Great for carb lovers like me.

The spicy tomato dill soup was awesome. It had the perfect amount of spice, and I loved the addition of dill.

imageI told Dave I needed a picture to remember him by, so he posed for me. I’m going to miss that face!

After we left the bakery cafe, we headed right to my grandma’s house to pick up my mom and Dina. Since this is my first time traveling by plane and my mom and aunt haven’t flown in years, we showed up to the airport two hours early, and it only took us about 15 minutes to check-in. So we’re enjoying coffee and tea and discussing our upcoming trip while we wait to board.

imageMom’s so excited for Alaska!

imageThanks for being my travel companion, Aunt Dina!

imageI have some wedding posts scheduled to keep you readers entertained next week, but I’m going to try to check in regularly so I don’t get too overwhelmed with pictures and blog posts when we get back. But I’m not going to think about coming home yet.




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