A Trip to the Vet

*First of all, thank you to everyone for listening and responding to my “worrying” post–you guys are the best! Sometimes you just need to vent before things get pushed into perspective, and I’m feeling much better now.*

I really think sleeping in and waking up without an alarm clock is one of the best feelings in the world. Too bad no one gets to do it very often, including me. Fortunately I had the day off yesterday and was elated that I got to sleep in until 7:00am.

Yesterday was a perfect morning for a run, so I did a quick 2.8 mile loop in the summer breeze while listening to the new playlist I made for the Illgenstock CD exchange. It made me so happy listening to it on my otherwise quiet run yesterday. A new playlist can work wonders on an old route.

I spent a lot of the day running errands, including taking this little bugger to the vet.


The noise he made when I put him in the car was absolutely heartbreaking. His meow sounded like “Whyyyyyy? Whyyyyy?”

As soon as I brought him inside the office, though, he was such a good boy. He didn’t hiss at the dogs that sniffed his cage, and he held perfectly still under my hands as he got weighed (8.5 lbs) and then succumbed to a rectal temperature check before giving a urine sample.PicMonkey Collage

He was very confused at his new surroundings but after thoroughly checking them out, he finally plopped down on the counter. He got so many compliments for how handsome and healthy he was; the vet said she is used to seeing so many obese cats now that it’s rare to see a normal-sized cat like Artemis.

We were sent home with a box of special wet food and some probiotic powder to cure his ailing stomach. It’s already been crazy trying to feed him and Athena separately when all she wants is the wet food and all he wants is the dry food. He’s still throwing up, but he hasn’t had an accident yet since I brought him home, so that’s a good sign.

After I brought Arty home, I worked on a few blog posts for next week before starting on dinner. One of my parent’s friends sent me home from Illgenstock with two huge cans of artichoke hearts, and yesterday was my first chance using them.


I make a mean artichoke hummus, but I really wanted to make a spinach artichoke pizza. I picked up a couple of pre-made wheat pizza crusts at the store the other day to test out.


The crusts came in a two-pack, so I made two different pizzas.


This one had a pesto base with mozarella cheese, spinach,  sliced garlic, and artichokes.

I used 4 oz of shredded mozzarella on this pizza intending to use the remaining 4 oz on the next pizza. Until I knocked the tupperware off the counter with my elbow and did this:


Gah! The garbage got to eat the rest of the mozzarella, so I used feta on the next pizza.


Chopped tomatoes, mushrooms cooked in truffle oil, spinach, garlic and herb feta cheese, and Morning Star bacon broken into chunks.

 I baked both the pizzas at 425 for 20 minutes, switching them once. When there were three minutes to go, I topped the spinach artichoke pizza with some cooked shrimp.


I couldn’t decide which pizza was my favorite. They were both delicious. The thin crust wasn’t my favorite, but it was a fine base for the toppings.  I think it would make a great grilled pizza.


Now what am I going to do with the remaining 7/8 of a can of artichoke hearts before they go bad. I wonder if I can freeze them?


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Vet

  1. So glad to hear Arty’s doing a little better! Hopefully the food and powder will fix him up quickly. I always admire how not-fat Artemis and Athena are when we’re over. You’re such a good kitty mom. 🙂

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