My mood has been all over the place this week, with a particular emphasis on anxiety. How lovely.

There’s a possibility that I’m still recovering from Illgenstock.


But there’s a better chance that all the things floating around in my head this week are magnifying tenfold until my brain feels like it will fill up with anxious helium and float away.

What I’ve been worrying about:

My cat Artemis.




He’s stopped using the litter box almost entirely and has a particular fondness for using Dave’s clothes. After I came home from work on Monday and stepped in a pile of puke for the thousandth time, I just about lost it. I’m taking him to the vet today, but I can’t find his collar anywhere, and I’ve been following him around the house all morning trying to collect his poop. What a glorious job.

My car, Serenity. (Yes, I named her).


After selling my old, broken Taurus, I inherited Dave’s old car. Meaning I went from a car whose door wouldn’t close to a car whose door won’t open. I have to roll down the driver side window and open the door from the outside every time I want to get out.

The brakes don’t work well, either, and I have to give myself a ten second head start so I don’t plow anyone through the intersection. For all the years I’ve lived in Green Bay, I still have not found a car mechanic that I love, making the situation more annoying.

Our anniversary plans.

10-01-10 (49)

Really, I shouldn’t be worrying about this at all. Dave and I wanted to rent a cabin for our anniversary weekend this year, and since you have to book so far in advance, I’ve been scouring the web for good places to go in Door County. Unfortunately, all the places that I would love to go are also hideously expensive.

It’s kind of a big deal for me/us this year because our first anniversary was spent at my cousin’s wedding and our last anniversary, though wonderful, was on the end of a bad summer. This summer has been one event after the other with no real “Dave & Chel” time, so we want to do something special.

My trip to Alaska.


No wonder people with money take direct flights. I took the liberty of typing up all our travel arrangements yesterday and gave myself a headache. I’m hoping all the various layovers make the time fly by that much quicker.

Of course these are just the big things I’m worrying about. All the little things are filling in the spaces. However, I know if I can just make it to Saturday without exploding, I’m going on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m so excited to travel with my mom and aunt and see both of my cousins in beautiful Alaska.



7 thoughts on “Worrying

  1. Hang in there Chelsea, it will get better. Doesn’t it always seem that when it rains it pours? Just think about all the fun you had last weekend and the fun you are about to have 🙂 have fun in Alaska and safe travels! Oh and its hump day, so only one more day til Friday. And as Stella has been telling me,” OK, OK, mom settle down. Settle down.”

  2. I’m sorry I can’t really help alleviate most of those worries, but I’d recommend checking out Mike’s Service Center for your car. Dan’s family has gone to him forever and I took my car there a few times when I lived closer. He’s really good and honest. http://www.mikeservicegreenbay.com. Also if you ever just need to rant about anything, you know where to find me!

  3. I always hate it when multiple worrying things start to pile up at once. Hang in there – I have faith that you will make it to Saturday and Alaska will be absolutely amazing! Thinking of Artemis today, too. Hope everything is OK.

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