What is Illgenstock?

Every Monday at work, the question is the same: “How was your weekend?” The answer is always the same, as well: “Too short.”

Every Friday at work, the question is: “What are you doing this weekend?”

Yesterday I got to say “I’m going to Illgenstock!” which was inevitably followed by “What’s Illgenstock?”

Well, let me tell you.


Illgenstock is a place where beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instincitvely flock like the salmon of Capistrano.


Illgenstock is a day long music festival in the middle of nowhere with the best bands you’ve never heard of.


Illgenstock is a place where old friends meet and new friendships are forged.


Illgenstock is a three day event starting with the blessing of the kegs on Friday to the main event on Saturday complete with food, beer, music, dancing, laughing, a bonfire, and jumping in the pool before finally crashing in a tent or on your parent’s floor to waking up dazed and confused eating omelets for breakfast on Sunday.


When you wake up Sunday morning looking like this, you know you’ve been Illgenstocked.



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