When the Man Cooks

I managed to talk myself into exercising yesterday. Huzzah! Nothing special, just Level 1 of 30 Day Shred. I have used the video so many times that I could practically recite Jillian’s lines for her. Luckily, I always face the bookcases when I exercise, so while I’m doing my thing, I go over the plotlines of the books in my head so I can ignore the TV.

Finally, cooldown.


As always, I did not regret my workout after I finished. But I would have regretted doing nothing.

After a shower, I settled on the couch with my latest Cooking Light magazine and some honey wheat pretzels and creamy dill mustard, and I contemplated what to make for dinner. Soon after, I heard Dave fumbling around in the kitchen

Yessssss. Dave’s making dinner!


The last of the shrimp sauteed in truffle oil.


And creamy grits cooked in broth.


I topped my shrimp and grits with some cubed avocado and later added a spoonful of Greek yogurt to kill a little of the spice in the broth.


Dave is the only one who can make these vegetables taste good. I hate this kind of frozen mixed vegetables and won’t touch it, but Dave works magic on them. He roasts them in the oven with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt until they taste amazing.


The shrimp and grits were creamy, spicy, delicious. Such a good meal and incredibly filling. I even had to turn down ice cream afterwards. Don’t you love when people cook for you?

After we ate dinner, we watched The Incredibles together. Dave and I usually have at least one show that we watch together, but not right now. I think we need to start the season of Boardwalk Empire we’ve been saving. Dave was raving about The Incredibles and I had never seen it before, so it was a good choice. Disney Pixar movies are so good these days. Loved the movie, but I still think I like Despicable Me better.

Our friend Shelby stopped by after work to pick up some blank cds and we fed her shrimp and grits and wine. It was nice to break up the week; I’ve been going crazy with how long and boring this week has been. So glad it’s Friday!


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