Doing Nothing But Eating Pizza

I simply could not talk myself into exercising yesterday. When the weather gets hot, my motivation gets low. But I’m not complaining about the heat; I actually don’t mind it. (Dave said he wished it was winter yesterday and I fake-slapped him). I just mind…running in it. And I’m so sick of working out inside.

Instead, I stayed inside the cool apartment and worked on a playlist for the music exchange we’re doing at Illgenstock this year. My friends and I have pretty similar taste in music, but it’s always fun to hear the new bands they have discovered.


I had to check last year’s playlist to make sure I didn’t double up on any songs. My Itunes and I are still fighting, so I’m missing a lot of my favorite albums. I need to devote a whole day to fixing Itunes and another to cleaning my hideous closet.

When I (almost) finished my playlist, I used up most of the vegetables left in the house to make pita pizzas for dinner.


I always make my own pizza sauce, because I prefer chunky tomato sauce and also because I get to add my own seasonings. I simmered diced tomatoes with basil, fennel, garlic salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes until only a little liquid was remaining.


Meanwhile, I pulled out this hunk of Cacio di Bosco Aged Pecorino with White Truffles I bought at Nala’s Fromagerie last weekend to shred. Holy yum, Batman. This stuff was amazing. I broke off a tiny piece and imagined how awesome risotto would taste using it.


Those black spots are the tiniest hints of truffle, but they pack so much flavor.


After the pizza sauce was done, I sauteed some mushrooms in a little truffle flavored olive oil to amp up the truffle flavor.


Then I chopped the remainder of the spinach from the farmer’s market.


Layering time.


Whole wheat pitas, sauce, a little cheese, spinach, sauteed mushrooms, more cheese.

I popped these in the oven at 425 for about 12 minutes.




The pitas were a little soggy because I loaded so much stuff on them, but I had anticipated that.


So good. The truffle cheese tasted even better melted.

I finally got around to opening the mail, and look what I found:


Mumford and Sons tickets!!! I think my friend Emily (?)  introduced me to Mumford and Sons a few years ago, and I’m so excited to see them live with some friends in September. My brother’s band Solace played their song “Little Lion Man” at my wedding, so they always bring back good memories.

I read for an hour or so before bed.


I picked up this book a year ago at Goodwill from the clearance section and am just getting around to reading it now. It had a slow start, but it got much more intriguing. It’s basically a love triangle that takes place on a tea plantation in India, and it may be the cultural references that I am enjoying most so far.

I especially love the part where Sujata, one of the main characters who owns a tea business in Canada, boasts that “she didn’t sell tea bags [which are] derogatively referred to by connoisseurs as floor dustings.” It’s funny because my mom owns a tea business and sells only loose leaf tea; we call prepackaged tea bags like Lipton “dust from the bottom of the barrel.”

This week is going by slooooow, but I’m trying to enjoy it, because the weekend is always over in a blink.


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