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You know those dinners out where everything is just perfect? You get seated right away at a great table, your drinks are cold and refreshing, the atmosphere is wonderful, the music is not too loud, your servers are pleasant and attentive, the conversation is witty and flowing, and the food is beyond excellent. Basically everything is just….right.

I had my heart set on last night being one of those nights for my first dining experience at Plae Bistro, where my friends Shelby and Cory graciously offered to take me as a birthday gift. There are so many great restaurants in Green Bay that we haven’t tried yet, and Plae was on my list to check off.

Dinner at Plae was really the only thing on the agenda yesterday. I slept in til 7:30, which was glorious. My favorite thing about the weekends is not waking up to an alarm clock. It is a wonderful feeling. Since it wasn’t too hot out, I decided to go for a run.



I haven’t been doing much speed work lately. I’m mostly just concentrating on enjoying myself, so they’ve all been relatively leisurely. It got hotter and hotter as I ran, and my still-swollen lip from my cavity filling debacle made it difficult to drink out of my water bottle, but it was such a beautiful morning that it was a great run.

Mile 1: 10:06

Mile 2: 10:14

Mile 3: 10:15

Total miles: 3.00               Duration: 30:39                 Pace per mile: 10:12

I cooled down after my run with a refreshing Keystone Light.



Just kidding. You know I only drink Miller for breakfast.

I ended my run right next to the pond by our apartment complex, and it looked so inviting, I wanted to jump in. I definitely need a beach day soon.



The rest of the day was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. I took a short break from nothing to go to Nala’s Fromagerie with my friend Shelby to get cheese followed by a quick trip to Target. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures of the various poses of Athena.

PicMonkey Collage


After a pre-dinner cocktail at our apartment with Shelby and Cory, the four of us headed to Plae Bistro.



Our reservation was for seven and we arrived right on time. Unfortunately, the hostess told us it would be a few minutes to be seated. We decided to grab a drink at the bar while we waited.



They had a pretty good selection of wine, beer, and cocktails, but I went with my favorite: a dirty Tanqueray martini. The bar was absolutely packed, either with people waiting for tables or just having a drink so the four of us huddled between the bar and tables for awhile before I asked how much longer it was going to be, then went outside to finish waiting.



At this point, we had been waiting thirty minutes, so the boys stepped across the street for a cigarette. Shortly after, a gentleman came up to us outside and said “I’m sorry, but there’s no smoking here. Could you please go across the street?” Since the boys already were across the street, it was a little awkward.


Shelby had not requested an outside table when she made the reservation, so we were a bit confused when ten minutes later, we were finally seated at a table right in the sun’s direct gaze. After the server insisted we requested an outside table, I asked if we could at least move to a table in the shade, since one had opened up. I don’t like being a difficult patron, but since the place was relatively expensive and we had already been waiting 45 minutes for a table that we had made a reservation for, I thought we should at least be comfortable.




The second drink I ordered was an Elderflower Collins, which was made with gin, Elderflower liquer, simple syrup, club soda and a lemon. I liked it a lot. Dave didn’t get the lemon he requested with his whiskey, so I dug mine out for him.

I could have been projecting my feelings onto the atmosphere, but I wasn’t entirely comfortable. We were the youngest group by far with most patrons in their sixties or seventies, and I just felt like we were being watched all night. Since we had changed tables and with it, a new server, I felt like the waitress who sat us was giving me weird glances all night.

Plae Bistro had a special menu going on for Green Bay Restaurant Week, but we opted to order off the regular menu. We ordered a couple appetizers, and our waitress brought us out some fresh rolls with flavored butter, olive oil, and olive tapenade while we waited.



The appetizers came out pretty soon afterwards.



I’m not a fan of goat cheese, but the Marinara Goat Cheese Brulee was really good. The creamy cheese paired nicely with the spicy marinara sauce, though there was quite a bit more sauce than dippers.



The pecan encrusted scallops with mascarpone cheese and risotto was my favorite, though. The scallops were perfectly cooked, and the addition of the crunchy pecans was wonderful.



I ordered the Grilled Ahi Tuna with seasonal vegetables and risotto. The overall presentation was concurrent with the rest of the food we had received so far; quite lovely. The asparagus were crisp-tender with just the right amount of flavor. The risotto was good, but not great; Dave and I both agreed that the risotto I make is better. However, the tuna was outstanding. Medium rare and juicy, with a wonderfully seared outer layer. Normally I could have eaten the whole entree, but with the bread and appetizers, I was already full, so I had half boxed up to take home.

Shelby and I couldn’t resist sharing dessert: Better Than Sex Cake.



It was just as good as it looked. Chocolate cake dripping with gooey fudge, whipped topping, and heath pieces with caramel sauce.

The company: 5/5. The food: 4/5. The overall experience: 2.5/5.

I would like to give Plae Bistro another chance, because the atmosphere could be entirely different when it’s not restaurant week. However, I wasn’t blown away my first time there. Sadly, we had to part ways with our guests, who had a going-away party to attend.

Dave and I headed out to our friend’s house much later than expected for a movie night using a projector onto the barn.



Movie of the night: Sharktopus: A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped created it tries to capture it. I think it may be one of my new favorite movies.

It was much too dark to take pictures, but we had an awesome time. I can’t believe we haven’t done it sooner.


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