No More Dentists

Round Two:


Take care of your teeth while you’re young, kids!

Actually, I do take care of my teeth, as was referenced quite a few times by the dental hygienists and dentist yesterday. But apparently, over 90% of people will get cavities, whether they take care of their teeth or not. And there’s not much you can do about wisdom teeth–they have a mind of their own.

Dave affectionately welcomed home from work yesterday with “Hello, cavity face!” Hmph. I only had time to squeeze in a quick workout before the dentist, so I opted for Jackie Warner’s 25 minute Upper Body Workout.


I decided during my workout that she looks like an older, really buff version of Scarlett Johansson. Anyone with me on this one?

I wasn’t sure if I could eat after the procedure, so I chomped on a juicy nectarine after exercising. Fruit tastes so much more amazing in summer. I’ve been opting for cherries, nectarines, and peaches while I can get them.

After a shower, I began my short walk to the dentist’s office.

Fifteen minutes later, I was laying flat in a massage chair (which was a nice touch, I thought), gums being poked and prodded with needles while I stared at the ceiling counting the tiles. This is the second time I’ve elected to do something medical professionals have advised me against: getting all four cavities filled at once.

I’m glad I did it in one go, because it was one of the most boring, physically uncomfortable situations I have encountered, and I never want to do it again.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

For twenty minutes or so, I waited until my cheeks were tingling and my tongue felt like a dead fish. Then the dentist came in, and for an hour, he and his dental assistant hovered above me with all manner of sharp objects and mirrors. It actually hurt a lot more than I thought it would considering I couldn’t feel my face.

After what felt like hours staring at a blank ceiling (seriously, why don’t dentist offices have paintings on the ceiling like the Sistine Chapel? We spend enough time looking at them to warrant some artwork), I was sure they were done. “Well, we just finished the first filling!” Heart sinking. So very low. The polisher against my teeth smelled like my dad’s saw table in his workshop; slightly smoky and woody. I used to love that smell; now I don’t.

At long last, I paid $200 for my pain, and made the trek back home. I was actually surprised to discover that I didn’t look as bad as I felt.


Having both sides of your mouth numb at one time is like the opposite of phantom limb syndrome. Instead of feeling something that’s not there, you can’t feel something that is there. I never knew I could feel my chin before I couldn’t; my face felt like it just dropped off after the nose. However, it was a vast improvement over last year’s wisdom tooth debacle. Here’s a refresher:

PicMonkey Collage

So very pretty.

The dental assistant told me there were no restrictions against eating or drinking, which was good since I was famished. I immediately made myself a snack plate upon my arrival home.


Pickles and cherries.


Pretzels and salsa.


And two farmer’s market finds: mojito lime salmon and sauerkraut rye bread. Dave actually makes better bread, but don’t tell the bakers that.

This was the slowest I have ever eaten dinner. It was difficult, but my stomach felt much better after it was filled with food. Unfortunately, a quick check in the mirror told me that I thought my lip was a piece of salmon and had chewed it up.

I thought the swelling would go down overnight, but it hasn’t. I tried to take a picture, but it’s funnier if you just envision it. My lower lip is so swollen that it’s pushing my top lip up into an Elvis-like sneer.


So hard to talk. Oh work day, please be over quickly.


4 thoughts on “No More Dentists

  1. I definitely agree with the Scarlett Johanson comment. Uncanny! Also I hate the dentist, but I’ve recently found one that I like! But he is all the way in Manitowoc. Also I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled still…..terrified:( I hope your lip gets better!

    • If you’re scared to get your wisdom teeth pulled, I would definitely recommend anesthesia. I actually thought having my cavities filled was worse because it took so much longer!

      • That’s the part I’m scared of! I don’t like not knowing what’s going on, but I also definitely don’t want to be awake during the process either. I’ve battled with this since I was 16 and they told me I should get them pulled. Oh well! I will grow up and deal with it……after I’m done nursing Lucy, and probably after we finally take our honeymoon. But then for sure I will do it.

      • I’m certainly not an expert on this, but I’m going to say if you had a baby, I’m pretty sure you can handle having your wisdom teeth pulled. 😀

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