Clean & Rest

Dave and I made tentative plans to go out for brunch yesterday morning, but after I still couldn’t rouse him at noon, it became clear that it was going to be a rest day. I left the apartment for a bit to drive my friends Dan and Emily over to his parents’ house, dropped my friend Cory’s hard drive back at his and Shelby’s place so he could have a Game of Thrones marathon, and headed home to battle my apartment.



Don’t worry, I won. I was actually really surprised at how clean the apartment was. Besides two dishwasher cycles, most of my time was spent rearranging furniture and replacing candles with picture frames. We really are getting older!

I took a break for a lunch snack at some point.

002Crackers, rye chips, and baby carrots with truffled hummus. Leftover salmon with capers. And a few pieces of delicious cheese.

After cleaning for a few hours, Dave finally woke up. My poor baby was battling the hangover of a century. Dave never gets hangovers, but even he couldn’t win against the wine.

008It was clear that hangover food was needed for dinner.



First up: Vegetarian Deluxe pizza from Rosati’s with a double dough crust. Dare I say, there was almost a little too much ooey, gooey cheese on here? I loved the crust, though. Thick and chewy, my favorite.



Breaded mushrooms with marinara sauce.



And jalapeno poppers with ranch.

I think people sometimes get the impression that I only eat healthy, homemade and/or gourmet food. (Someone was shocked to see frozen pizza on my blog last week). It’s true, I try to, 80% of the time. But I’m only human, and sometimes humans need to feed their souls, not just their bodies.

Thus, Sunday dinner:



Dave and I cuddled on the couch while watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls (I’m almost done with Season 7, and then I’ll have to start something new!), and then I headed to bed.

I really would like another Sunday, thankyouverymuch. One just isn’t enough.

Hope you all had an absolutely smashing weekend! I know I did.


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