The Ghosts of Birthdays Past

The birthdays of Tiny Chel:


Second. (Look at all the cute! Also note the diaper on my hand. Classy).


Five? Look at that cake my mom made! I have a feeling it was more her idea than mine at the time, but she is quite the artist. Cake Boss Kate.004

Six? This looks like a back-country birthday. My cousin Jake is wearing a helmet for some reason and whose barn is that in the background?  All I need is a cowboy hat and a glass of whiskey.

For most of my birthdays growing up, I requested that my family go up to the cabin for the weekend. Since my birthday is in the summer and so close to July 4th, most of my friends already had plans, but I didn’t mind. I loved spending my birthday in the great outdoors with just my family. What more could you ask for than a bonfire, s’mores, and swimming for five straight hours with a wacky noodle?

I do vaguely remember my mom throwing me a surprise birthday party when I was nine and inviting my two best friends at the time, Elisha and Danielle. They met for the first time that day and hated each other, both determined to be the best best friend.. It was kind of nice being fought over. MY CHEL! 😀


Nineteen: I went to the beach with my family and won a game of water gun tag against my boyfriend and cousin. I guarantee we stopped at Cedar Crest for ice cream, and I’m certain I got a chocolate malt, because that was my favorite thing to order at Cedar Crest when I was younger. Now I’m all about the cones.

Twenty was a bad birthday. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and my heart was in a million tiny pieces. It rained all day, my family had a subpar dinner at Grazies, and there are no pictures to be found.100_3323

Twenty one: My family and I went out to St. Brendan’s for dinner, and I ordered my first drink: a Snakebite. It was my first birthday with Dave and he made me the traditional Dowe cake: three layers with a brownie bottom and chocolate frosting. I posed creepily with the knife, and then my friend Nicole took me out on the town. I drank a lot of really bad free stuff and did not get sick. Dave’s grandma gave me a gift of money for my birthday, and I used it to adopt our fur baby Athena. Best present ever.


My little Sugar Paws at one year old.100_4189

Twenty two: I’m pretty certain I went to Kavarna for lunch (one of my favorite GB restaurants), went to see a movie with Dave and my mom, and then went back to my grandma’s for cake.


Twenty three: We went out for pizza at Suamico Ale House because my brother was working, and my family can’t have a proper party with one person missing. There was a two month overlap where I was living in Wisconsin and Dave was living in Illinois, so he drove up for the weekend. My mom bought a cookie cake and wrote ‘Happy Birthday Chel’ on it.

(This was the first year I got interested in eating well and exercising more–you might be able to tell between the pictures of 22 and 23–and I got married that year, too!)


I should eat more cookie cake.024

Twenty four: Harry Potter party! My mom and I worked for days on this. I dressed up as Nymphadora Tonks and had so much fun I forgot to take pictures of all the cool stuff we made. We played a HP trivia game that ended with a bludger pinata and later had a bonfire while drinking homemade Butterbeer. It was a good birthday.

My parents gave me a grill as a gift which I lovingly named Charlie, and Dave and I use it constantly. One of my favorite birthday gifts ever.


Twenty five: Took a long weekend with my family at the Leahy cabin in Florence, WI. We went fishing, swimming, hiking, took turns cooking, and drank plenty of beer around the bonfire. It was lovely, and I was very sad that I had to come home. In fact, I got really depressed that I was home alone on my birthday night, so Dave went and bought me a cake at the store before I bought myself one.

Twenty six: My birthday this year falls on a Tuesday, and though I usually take the day off, I decided to work this year. I’m planning on going to Taste of India with my family for my birthday dinner (I ❤ curry). Then Saturday I’m having all my best friends over for a wine & cheese party to celebrate. This way, I get to stretch out my birthday for almost a whole week!


What was your most memorable birthday?


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