Working in Color

Question: How many garish colors can I wear at once?


Answer: All the colors! (And three different brands, too: Reebok, Adidas, and Nike. Clearly I haven’t picked a favorite).

I used to wear almost exclusively black, starting with my regular wardrobe. Sometimes my family would all get dressed up to go out to a wedding, only to realize later that the group of us looked like we were going to a funeral instead.  We changed things up a little last weekend: Mom and Dad both wore black, as did Tyler, and my dress was black with white flowers. However, Em wore a green dress and Moriah a peach colored dress. Ty even broke out of his shell a bit with a blue undershirt. Things are getting crazy around here!

This reminds me of a post I saw regarding checking Facebook yesterday:

It’s a sign! 😀 Fortunately, Aurelia is a clean slate, and it looks like she isn’t partial to black, yet.

007My workout wardrobe has slowly shifted to include more bright and cheerful colors. Perhaps because the highlighter colors are on clearance, and I’m frugal, or perhaps because I don’t feel the need to play it safe all the time anymore.

All these colors must have affected me, because I signed up for a color run this September! On the 21st, I’ll complete a 5K at Lambeau Field (hopefully with my sister Emily). It might sound kind of weird to do a run decked out in white and get colored chalk splashed all over you, but I love “fun runs,” and I’m really looking forward to it.

Yesterday was a rest day from running, which I was grateful for. I was exhausted, and my ankle was giving me a bit of trouble the night before and needed a break. So, it was take three of Jackie Warner’s Upper Body Workout.


The bicep workouts don’t give me any trouble at all, but those tricep workouts are killer. I must have weak ones.

After my workout, it was a whole lot of nothing.

imageAnd I liked it.


I drank the last Banana Bread Beer.


And reread the cheese issue of my Food Network Magazine. I’m getting excited for my wine & cheese birthday party next weekend. I can’t decide if it’s because of the friends or the cheese.

Food is getting to be slim pickin’s at home. I didn’t end up going grocery shopping last weekend and figured I would just use up what’s left in the pantry since I’m going out of town this weekend anyway.

Thus, dinner was Mashed Vegetable Curry served with a whole wheat pita pocket, cut into triangles for dipping.image

I ended my night by finishing Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, and now I want to run out and buy his newest book. I loved Fat Charlie as the protagonist because he wasn’t your usual: he was passive, embarrassed, and a bit of a pushover. When he met the brother he didn’t know he had, he and Spider fed off each other’s personalities and started to take on more and more of the other’s characteristics. Much lighter than American Gods, it was funny and warm with just a bit of darkness thrown in for good measure. Highly recommended!


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