Just Keep Running

Yesterday’s run was not so grand. They closed part of the trail down to rip out some trees which I know is necessary in some instances, but it’s still hard to see; when you are a friend of the ents, it’s like watching a funeral. Thus, yesterday’s run was all about in-an-outs (running back and forth over the same ground instead of a loop). Even though I don’t mind them so much, I wanted to run on the shady part of the trail but instead had to run in the sun. But don’t worry, I remembered my sunscreen this time. 🙂

About a mile and a half in, I started not feelingw ell. My stomach felt like a giant boulder dropping to my knees. I had stomach cramps for no apparent reason, and they were definitely slowing me down. I had no reason to stop running, though. IAfter all, the shortest distance between two points is running.


I started to think about my birthday weekend last year when running was giving me so much trouble. I asked my cousin Mike, a big-time runner, if he had any tips to make my runs easier. “Just keep running,” he said, and it was simple but true. Every time I feel like stopping, I think “just keep running” and every day, the point at which I want to stop is further and further. Some days I don’t even want to stop.

I ran three miles with intervals yesterday at the same time my friend Lindsay ran four miles with intervals across town, and her run didn’t go well yesterday either. Perhaps something was in the air.

Mile 1: 11:02

Mile 2: 11:22

Mile 3: 11:17

Mile 4: 10:13

Total miles: 3.74     Duration: 41:17    Pace per mile: 11:02     Fastest interval: 6:25 min/mi

For some reason, I thought my speed intervals were really slow yesterday, but I must have been in a runner’s haze and read them wrong: 6:25 min/mi is nothing to sneeze at!

After my run, I headed to De Pere to pick my friend Lindsay up. We work almost completely opposite schedules, so when we both had the afternoon free, I jumped at the chance to spend time with her.


I have a lot of varied interests, and a friend for every one. My friend Lindsay is my exercise buddy. We don’t exercise together (because of our aforementioned opposite schedules), but she is the one I can talk to about weight lifting and P90X and yoga without annoying the rest of my friends.

Because we’ve both been pretty hardcore about running this summer, we decided to hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods for some much-needed new workout clothes. I have a confession: sometimes I wear my workout clothes more than once before washing them. I don’t have a ton, and because I wear them almost every day, I’ve been having to do small loads of laundry two to three times a week, which is a bit obnoxious. So is reusing an already-worn sports bra. Ick.


I scored some great deals at Dick’s, particularly some new running capris, which I got on clearance for $20. Yay!

The large running water bottles were also on sale, and I scored a 22 oz one for the same size as the 9 oz one I bought earlier!


My small water bottle is great for short runs, but because I’m been running in 80 degree humid weather, more water is now a necessity for my longer runs coming up (including a ten mile one in a few weeks–eek!).

After spending money at Dick’s, we headed to the De Pere Cinema Cafe for dinner and a movie: The Great Gatsby!


I decided to treat Lindsay, since her birthday is this Sunday, and I’ll be out of town. The De Pere Cinema Cafe is great, because they are cheap with movie ticket prices so you can splurge on food and drinks instead of both. It was $2 Tuesday, so the two of us got in for $4.


We also had a couple drinks with our movie: I ordered a Mike’s Hard Lemonade since I wasn’t a fan of any of the beers they had (Miller Lite, Bud Light, etc). It was a refreshing choice, but we both would have preferred a martini. 😉 I gave Lindsay full reign on the food, so we split a 12″ barbeque chicken pizza.

It was a pleasure to see the good acting again and an even greater pleasure to spend time with Lindsay. This week is going by quickly!


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