Six Miles? Done.

It turns out I can talk the talk, and I can run the walk.

Yesterday was bloody hot. Perhaps not for a Floridian, but for a Wisconsinite, that 83 degrees was like running in steaming bath water. But I had a mission to run six miles, and like a former president, I always accomplish my missions.

Stupidly, I made two big no-nos when I left: I forgot my sunglasses and I forgot to put on sunscreen. I try to put on sunscreen fifteen minutes before I leave the house to go running, but I still have an awkward racer’s tan that can compete with my dad’s farmer’s tan. I also have very sensitive eyes (although I have perfect vision!), and they are liable to start burning and watering if it is too bright or they are too dry.


Maybe this is why I haven’t been invited to as many weddings this year. Tacky.

I left the house armed with Burt’s Bees and my water bottle and tried to reward myself every half mile with a drink. By the time I had run three and a half miles, I was low on fluids. Fortunately, I happened to be running through the park and filled my water bottle up from the sketchy looking faucet in the park’s bathroom. Ahh, nectar of the gods. As soon as I had that extra water, I was doing fine.


It was not my fastest run, and I definitely lost time going to fill up my water bottle, but my goal was to finish, and I did. Not bad, because I was supposed to run between 11:15 and 11:45 minute miles, anyway. My “slow” runs are going to change to tempo runs soon, so I may as well enjoy them while I can, right?

After five miles, every step I took was uncharted territory, so it felt like an adventure.

Mile 1: 10:54

Mile 2: 10:49

Mile 3: 10:58

Mile 4: 11:46 (water break)

Mile 5: 11:26

Mile 6: 11:03

Total miles: 6.01             Duration: 1:07:01         Pace per mile: 11:09



I was feeling a little woozy after I finished, so I sat on a bench for awhile by the trail and finished the rest of my water. Apparently I have trouble doing math when it’s hot out, too, because I had to walk over a mile and half to get home. It was nice to stretch my legs out, though, and I need the vitamin D!

When I first got home, I was too hot to eat; then suddenly, I was ravenous. Fortunately, we had a lot of leftover goodies from yesterday.


Couscous salad. I love this stuff so much!


A cold chicken drumstick.


And I also made myself a pita pizza using a whole wheat pita, ricotta cheese, spinach, parmesan, and some shredded Cornish game hen from yesterday. I seasoned the pizza with a little basil, marjoram, and garlic powder, and broiled it for about eight minutes until the cheese melted.

Pita pizzas are so easy and so good. I love all the different stuff I can throw on them and call it a meal.


Nom nom nom.

After I ate dinner, I sat on the couch with Athena and flipped through my new Food Network and Cooking Light magazines, looking for inspiration for this weekend.


Athena didn’t help much, but I think I was successful.


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