Savour Green Bay

Downside to an iPhone: it drains battery like nobody’s business.

Upside to an iPhone: it charges incredibly fast.

I didn’t have nearly enough battery left on my iPhone yesterday to go running (my Run Keeper app and music play from my iPhone), so I decided to do an upper body workout first while I waited for it to charge.

I used the Personal Training with Jackie: Upper Body workout on YouTube again, which I really like. I stuck to four pound weights the entire time, except for the first circuit which I did with five pound weights, and my arms were burning at the end.

Athena had a workout of her own.

PicMonkey Collage 2


While I was doing reps, Athena became curious as to what was in my purse and decided to leap up and find out for herself. She was disappointed to discover that the smell was merely Altoids and not catnip. Crazy cat.

After my 25 minute workout, my iPhone was ready to go. I strapped it on my arm and headed out for my four mile run at the park. It probably wasn’t a great idea to do an upper body workout before instead of after; I was already a little drained when I started, but I was determined to finish this time. I certainly couldn’t fail my mother twice. (My mom loves when I drag her in here. Hi Mom!)

The run was hot and a little painful, but I finished it.

Mile 1: 11:14

Mile 2: 11:41

Mile 3: 11:13

Mile 4: 10:26

I held on to my slow pace for the first three miles, but I wanted to speed things up towards the end, especially since I finished my audio version of Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris. My take on the book: although I didn’t think it was his most hilarious work, it was a perfect match of incredibly funny and deeply moving. I always feel really close to David Sedaris after I read/listen to his works, and I really enjoyed the book. I especially love listening to him read his own works, so I love the audio versions. Okay, running….

Total miles: 4.01           Duration: 44:39            Average pace: 11:08

As a food blogger, I felt it was my duty to check out Savour Green Bay last night. Savour is an event including a combination of local restaurants, breweries, wineries selling creme de la creme. It was my first time attending this event, but I was eager to try out dishes from some restaurants that I have not set foot in yet. Dave and I went with our friends Shelby and Cory, who are always eager to try out new things with us.



The event ran from 5-10pm, and we got there at 8:30pm, which was perfect because there weren’t lines of people waiting for food. It was still pretty crowded, but most people were sitting, drinking, and listening to the music which, oddly enough, was a pop fusion band playing the songs from Les Miserables. I absolutely love Les Miserables, but I didn’t think it was the greatest choice of music for the event.

The event also included culinary demonstrations, but most were held earlier in the day at 5:00pm.

First stop: beer.005


I ordered a Johnny Irish Red Ale, which I really enjoyed. It had a deep, mellow flavor and was very refreshing.

Since we wanted to taste as many things as possible, we split every small dish we ordered. First we stopped at Republic Chophouse for their Chili Lime Shrimp.



The presentation was nice, but the dish was just okay. The sauce was quite good, and the different textures of shrimp, crispy tortilla strips, and creamy sour cream worked well together, but the shrimp was a little overcooked and there just wasn’t a wow factor.



Next up was Hinterland with their Shrimp and Scallops Seviche. I was really looking forward to this dish, but it fell sort of flat. It was expensive for such a tiny serving, and the amount of seviche was laughable next to the amount of tortilla chips. The seviche itself was good, the scallops and shrimp fresh and tasty but again…no wow factor.



We hit up St. Brendan’s next for Guinness Pot Roast sliders. St. Brendan’s used to be my favorite restaurant in Green Bay, but I’ve fallen out of love with it in the last two years. The prices were getting too high, the portions smaller, and there just wasn’t as much love put into the food anymore. However, I think St. Brendan’s won back a piece of my heart with these sliders.



They were amazing, and we all agreed they were our favorite of the evening. I was also eager to try St. Brendan’s Irish Curry Chicken Salad, and it did not disappoint.



I love curry, and it paired really well with the chicken and cider-soaked raisins. The portions and prices at St. Brendan’s booth were also the best of the night. Good job, my Irish friends!

Next up was the Ten O One Club for their pork roulade.



None of us was impressed by this. The pork was overcooked and had very little flavor. Although it was stuffed with what appeared to be a combination of greens and cherries, the filling did not complement the pork at all. We split two small pieces and threw the rest away.

We didn’t really have to try China Palace’s Crab Rangoons, but it was a guaranteed win.



Creamy, crispy, crabby, delightful.

Hagemeister Park rocked with some Corned Beef Sliders.



They were juicy, cheesy, and served on warm, buttery buns. A very close runner up to the pot roast sliders.

Time for round two!



This was another local beer of the wheat variety.



It was crisp with a slight citrus undertone, a perfect pair with our meat dishes.

Unlike most events, Savour had plenty of outdoor seating, which I was very pleased with. We grabbed a picnic table and sat down to enjoy our second beers.



It was a beautiful night.

Shelby and I couldn’t leave without trying dessert, though. We headed to Monzu Bakery for their Double Chocolate Caramel Truffle Stuffed Cupcake and to Zesty’s for a Dirt Cup.



Chocolate custard, oreos, and gummy worms? Be still my child-like heart. Obviously delicious.



I was disappointed by the cupcake, though. The cake itself was very moist and flavorful and the frosting was perfect: light and creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness. But if there was stuffed caramel truffle in there, I will eat my hat. We tore that cupcake apart looking for stuffing, and there was none to be found. No hint of caramel anywhere. Oh, well.

PicMonkey Collage


Overall, I loved the idea of Savour, and we did have a great time. But for the most part, I wasn’t in foodie heaven. Perhaps because we got there later in the day, the food wasn’t quite as fresh and delicious? Either way, I’m glad I went. It was a fun foodie night with friends!


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