Running Like a Kid

There is something about running really fast that makes me feel like a kid again. I get that nervous-excited feeling when I’m running like the wind, the feeling that most people probably get from watching horror movies or riding roller coasters that I seemed to have replaced with an overactive imagination and just plain fear.

But running fast is different. It reminds me of being a kid up at the cabin and playing Kick the Can or Bloody Murder in the Dark. We played by the light of the bonfire while the adults sat around laughing and drinking beer. The big dipper spilled starlight onto the dew-soaked grass, and we ran. We ran not knowing if we’d be caught or where exactly we were going….we just ran.

Because of that feeling, I’m starting to love speed intervals. They’re tacked on to the end of my runs, and the little voice tells me “20 seconds fast” and I give it everything I have, and it’s a wonderful feeling.


I knew there was a wedding at Emerald Isle Park today, because I saw a group rehearsing when I was there for my run yesterday, so I decided to leave them in wedded bliss and catch a different part of the trail.



I headed out for three slow miles and tried the whole time to slow my pace.



It was a cool and overcast morning, perfect for a nice run.



Mile 1: 9:49

Mile 2: 11:30

Mile 3: 11:01

Mile 4: 09:53 (speed intervals)

Total miles: 3.52             Duration: 37:27          Pace per mile: 10:39

Best part? The fastest I ran today was 6:39 min/mi. That’s running like the wind!

I came back home for my typical Saturday smoothie.



This one was strawberry Greek yogurt, frozen bananas (the last of my frozen fruit!!!), iced green tea, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a spoonful of stevia, a handful of spinach, a few ice cubes, and a handful of uncooked oats for texture.



I loved the addition of oats to my smoothie. They added a nice nutty flavor to the smoothie and balanced out the sweetness nicely. And I’m glad I got to put spinach in my smoothie today.



There is a chance of thunderstorms today, but I’m sincerely hoping the rain holds out, because my cousin Lindsay is getting married! My family is headed off to her outdoor wedding, which I’m sure will be beautiful if the rain holds out (and even if it doesn’t) followed by the reception. My dad has a huge family, so every Leahy wedding is like a family reunion.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Running Like a Kid

    • I try to add brewed green tea to all my smoothies. I like the extra boost of antioxidants and the clean flavor. Matcha is an even better choice–I need to get my hands on some of that powder again! Luckily mom has a tea business and sells it. 🙂

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