Running Angry

Usually running angry works for me. It gives me speed and distracts me from putting one foot in front of the other, so it goes by in a blink. But yesterday’s run was just….bad. It was hot when I left for my run yesterday, about 84 degrees, so instead of wearing my fitted running capris, I wore a pair of shorts that I often exercise at home in. BAD IDEA. Wearing loose shorts while running does not work for me. I was supposed to run four miles, but the entire time my shorts were riding up, my eyes were burning, my thighs were rubbing together, and I was angry, and it just….didn’t work.

I stopped at 2.64 miles and felt like I failed my mother. Because that’s who I always worry about failing the most, since she’s the one who has complete confidence that I will do anything I set my mind to. Not yesterday. Although I am glad I stuck it out for 2. 64 miles, and, strangely, I wasn’t uncomfortable in the heat at all. I walked the rest of the way and vowed never to wear those shorts running again.

Mile 1: 10:37

Mile 2: 11:22

Mile 3: 12:33 (.64 miles running, .46 miles walking)

Mile 4: 16: 30 (walking)

Mile 5: 15:17

Mile 6: 16:39

If it’s not storming, I’ll do my real four mile run today.

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted for dinner last night, which usually results in curry or a veggie burger. Last night I went for a veggie burger of the Garden Burger variety.


Because I was in a bad mood, I decided to make it a really good veggie burger by sauteing some mushrooms and grape tomatoes in a little olive oil and butter on the side.


I topped my burger with cheese, pickles, ketchup, and dijon mustard and served it on a 5-grain flax fold it. (Love those things!)


And it was glorious.


Extra pickles.

And for extra crunch, some pretzel crisps.


Dipped in salsa.


All together:


I was uncharacteristically tired after eating, and I headed to bed at 6:00pm and slept my worries away. Hopefully today will be a better day.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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