Happy Father’s Day!

Like most kids, I didn’t always get along with my parents. We were close, but  I simply couldn’t understand my Dad sometimes; why couldn’t he just let me do what I wanted? It was even more frustrating that he wouldn’t give me reasons for anything, and I always, always had questions.

2006_ (800)

So many parent-child relationships are fraught with tension when both parties simply won’t budge from their roles. I like to think that my dad and I both changed to get to where we are today: he grew to see me as a real person (and not just his kid) who was as eager to explore the world as he was, and I grew to see him as a real person (not just my dad) who was as eager to teach me about the world as he was taught.


Now I know my dad to be one of the finest men to walk the earth. His sense of humor, tolerance, intelligence, and deep appreciation for nature are unparalleled. To put it simply, my dad is a good person and a great father.  Like my mom, he is one of the few people in the world I can count on for anything; if I need help, he will be there without asking a million questions. How many people can you say that about?

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

And I cannot fail to mention my father-in-law Barry. After Dave and I had been dating two months, I drove down to Illinois to meet his family. I was admittedly a little nervous, mostly because Dave told me, “My sister won’t like you. My mom probably won’t, either. But my dad will love you.” (I still give Dave crap about that to this day).

Dave’s dad was the first of his relatives I met. When I walked in the door, Barry gave me a huge hug, looked at me, looked at Dave and said, “She’s beautiful, Dave!” Of course I liked him. 😀

Photo by Barry Dowe Photography

Photo by Barry Dowe Photography

That put me much more at ease when meeting Dave’s sister and mom who did not hate me like Dave said.

Dave has inherited so many good traits from Barry: his ability to put people at ease, his conversation skills, his mad cooking ability, and his wonderful smile. (All his other good traits are courtesy of his mom Kathy).

I couldn’t have dared to dream for better in-laws. Happy Father’s Day, Barry!


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