Saturday Morning

It is mornings like today that I feel most like Anne Shirley. The whole world is a song just for me. The flowers are the lyrics, the woodpecker a conductor, and the songbirds bright, clear sounds the instruments.


When I ran under the highway, the swooshing sound of cars threw me off until I realized they were simply the crescendo of the trumpets.

It is hard to believe I could ever be in the depths of despair.


It was a lovely run.

Scheduled Run: 2 miles slow plus intervals

Mile 1: 10:57

Mile 2: 11:27

Mile 3: 10:25

Total miles: 2.49       Duration: 27:34       Pace per mile: 11:03

After I got home, I played with Arty for awhile.

imageHe’s enamored with the big box Dave brought home the other day. I think they’ll be best friends this weekend.

After I showered and woke up Dave, I made myself a ginormous green smoothie for breakfast.


I think Dave solely doesn’t like my green smoothies based on the color. They are just as good as pink or orange smoothies, just….not as pretty.

This one had green tea, frozen bananas, frozen peaches, fresh watermelon chunks, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, stevia, and ice.


Now I’m on a mission to pack, because Dave and I are heading down to Illinois shortly to spend Father’s Day with his family. We have a delicious meal planned to grill out, but as of right now, it looks like rain.

Have a great Saturday, guys!


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