My brother Tyler has great delivery. Do you remember that show Last Comic Standing? I can picture Ty winning that show. The crowd would have fallen in love with his dry sense of humor and witty remarks. The thing is, my sisters and I have pretty much the same sense of humor. In fact, sometimes I’ll say something funny and no one will pick up on it, then Ty will say the exact same thing thirty seconds later and everyone will be laughing hysterically.


I’d be mad if I wasn’t laughing so hard, too. My sisters and I decided it’s all about his delivery.

One time when we were kids, my mom and siblings and I were all waiting (im)patiently in the car for my dad so we could head to the beach or into town or whatnot. My dad likes to take his merry old time with things, though, so the five of us could be waiting in the car for fifteen or more minutes while Dad would run inside just once more to “quick make a pot of coffee.”

We hatched a plan on one of the longer car waits; when Dad finally got in the car, the rest of us would all jump out saying we had to “just quick do something.” When he finally made it to the car after taking out the recycling, watering his plants, and triple-checking the door was locked, only one of us made it out the old Ford Windstar.

My dad has a great sense of humor, but he was not happy after we all tried to abandon ship at his expense. His face turned red and he got out of the car, slamming the door while my leg was still half out the other. “ABORT! ABORT!” Tyler shouted robotically, and you could practically see a red police light swiveling and flashing above his head while we all collapsed with laughter.

Ever since my mom told me the story about the geese, when I come across them on the trail, I immediately think of Tyler saying “ABORT! ABORT!” and I turn around and run the other way.

It’s funny how I used to saw “Awww, look how cute the geese are!” and now I notice just how sharp their beaks are and think how quickly they could peck out my eyes. They’re lovely birds, but I will enjoy them from afar.

This does not go for the ducks, who did not look at me with malice when I passed. Awww, look at the duckies!


Needless to say, yesterday’s run involved a lot of backtracking after I ran into those geese. And I also think it’s the first time I managed to hold a ‘slow’ pace, because my legs were very tired, and I felt like I was running through cement.


It was a beautiful day for a run, though.

Mile 1: 11:16

Mile 2: 11:56

Mile 3: 11:34

Mile 4: 10:48

Total miles: 4.04       Duration: 45:58      Pace per mile: 11:23


Yesterday’s dinner was based on a Pinterest recipe I had been drooling over: Overstuffed Avocado.

I tweaked the recipe to my own satisfaction, and it was delicious. The “stuffing” was a mix of a can of drained tuna, a dollop each of plain Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, and stone ground mustard, chopped cherry tomatoes, diced onion, lime juice, and a little sea salt and ground pepper.


I used half the stuffing in half an avocado and saved the second for lunch the next day. The combination of the creamy avocado and savory tuna was delicious.

I rounded out my meal with some Kashi Honey Sesame crackers.


Some roasted zucchini squash (which apparently I only like in stir fries, zucsketti, and lasagna, because it tasted….like squash. Blech).


And string cheese.


After dinner, I ate an M&M brownie that Dave bought for me the other day, which successfuly cancelled out all the calories I burned running. Hey, if you can’t run to eat, where’s the fun?


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