Rest Day

I was supposed to run five miles today and take a rest day tomorrow, but after last night’s shenanigans, I decided to flip flop. I know my body better than Run Keeper does, and a lazy day was definitely in order. Instead, I went grocery shopping while Dave cleaned the kitchen. Given the crowds, I’m not sure who got the better end of the deal.

Everyone has a point in their week where they think “What don’t I have to cook for dinner?” Dave and I just weren’t feeling a cookout today, so I decided to pick up Subway for dinner, which was a true test of my patience. There were three well dressed and heavily makeuped ladies in front of me: two in their fifties and one in her seventies (presumably their mother), all clearly used to getting what they want.

They were ordering for a crowd and had absolutely no idea what to order; each choice was a minute long deliberation. I was trying very hard to be patient, but after fifteen minutes, when the only worker still had not acknowledged my presence or said “I’ll be with you in a minute” and the ladies continued deliberating on whether or not Jimmy preferred provolone or American (with no laugh and/or halfhearted apology thrown in my direction), I left and drove to the Subway a few miles away.


I ordered the same thing I always order: veggie delite on wheat with all the fixins’ except jalapenos.


I opted for avocado in lieu of mustard, which was definitely a step up. The $1.50 tag is a little steep for the addition, considering you can buy a whole avocado for 99 cents, but no matter today.


On the side I had Salt & Vinegar PopChips, which I now prefer to regular chips. Dave and I go through them quickly because they’re so good: crispy, flavorful and slightly airy, they’re a sister to mini Quaker cakes.


It was a great no-muss dinner. I washed it down with a cold Ginger Root Beer Zevia.


Zevia is a soda with no sugar or artificial sweeteners; instead it’s sweetened with stevia, which is derived from a plant. I’ve tried a few kinds of Zevia, but the Ginger Root Beer is my favorite and usually the only one I buy.


Now, Athena and I are hanging out and watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was a great weekend but, once again, far too short. I’m looking forward to a trip to Illinois next weekend to see my in-laws and celebrate father’s day with Dave’s dad. It’s crazy the amount of plans we have this summer, but at least we have some sporadic lazy days like today.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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