Bad Pacer

Gah, I am terrible at pacing myself! I really need to work on it, but I’m not sure how. Trouble is, I have no idea how fast I am running. I really can’t tell. A 12 minute mile on a hot day feels like a 9:30 mile on a cold day. And I can’t differentiate from one mile to the next, which is very frustrating.

So today’s workout was supposed to be a slow 2 mile run (11:15-11:45 minutes per mile).

Mile 1: 10:17

Mile 2: 11:39 (Here’s where I tried to slow way down to compensate).

Mile 3: 11:15

Total miles: 2.8    Duration: 30:55    Pace per mile: 11:03

I had just reached the trail when the one mile beeper went off, and it felt silly to turn around, so I just kept going. I’m starting to think perhaps I picked the wrong training plan. Should I have picked a sub 55 minute 10k (instead of a sub 60) or worked towards a slower half marathon? There is so much to learn about running other than lacing up my shoes.

Regardless, it was a nice run, and I had fun listening to David Sedaris serenade me, per usual.



For brunch, I whipped myself up a smoothie.



  • frozen bananas
  • frozen peaches
  • iced green tea
  • spoonful of Stevia
  • splash of Simply Orange with Mango

I sipped it while Dave and I drove around the city looking for a new car. We found a couple of prospects, but we have to wait til Monday to find out.



I’m working in the kitchen right now on some cherry margaritas and hummus to bring to a house warming party tonight. Can’t wait to heat that place up!


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