Fit for a Runner

Yesterday was much like Wednesday: cold, grey, and rainy. I agreed to stay late at work hoping that the rain would stop in the extra two hours I was there, and it did, thankfully. Since I’m not supposed to drive my car any further than I have to, I set off down the sidewalk to hit the trail as soon as I was home.

I had to move around a lot at the stop sign to make sure my pace tracker wouldn’t stop—now I finally understand why some runners jog in place like they can’t stay still one second. It’s not because they’re bored, it’s because they don’t want to reset their Garmin, etc.!

The Belkin EaseFit I wear to carry my Iphone is so great. I love that I can listen to David Sedaris and hear my pace at the same time. I should probably reset it so that I hear my pace every quarter mile instead of every half mile, but I don’t want to miss David Sedaris.

Mile 1: 10:30

Mile 2: 11:22

Mile 3: 12:12

Mile 4: 10:44

Miles: 4.01        Duration: 44:55     Pace per mile: 11:12

What I learned from yesterday’s run: I have absolutely no idea how to pace myself. I really need to work on that.

It was five by the time I was home and showered, and I was more than ready for dinner. I decided to roast our remaining cauliflower and broccoli with a red pepper and serve the last Morning Star riblet in sandwich form.



I served my riblet on a 5 grain flax Fold-it and topped it with some sharp cheddar. I’m usually opposed to barbecue sauce, but I actually kind of like this bbq riblet. Maybe I will keep one on hand in the freezer for when I want something out of the ordinary.



I roasted my veggies with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika. They were amazing, as usual. I used to use cumin all the time to season roasted vegetables, but the smoked paprika works wonderfully as well.



Pickles on the side to go with my sandwich. Dave and I used to buy the huge dill pickles, but I realized I like the crunch of the smaller ones better, and he agreed.



It was a simple but delicious dinner, fit for a runner.

I’m glad the week is finally over. Here’s to the weekend!


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