Rollin’ on a Doughnut

My goodness, can my brain even rewind to Wednesday? I have too much floating around in their now. Pesky nargles.

When I returned home from work on Wednesday, it was cold, grey, and rainy. Not ideal weather for a run, but I’m getting a little nutso about following my schedule, so I put on my chill chasers long sleeve shirt, capris, running shoes, and tough chick hat to keep the rain out of my face. I got drenched.


It was a great run, though. I purchased the newest audio book from David Sedaris: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, and I’ve been laughing aloud while running instead of wondering how long I’ve run and how much farther I have to go. I run a lot better in cool weather, so the 55 degree weather did not dissuade me. And the rain didn’t really bother me until I stopped and it sunk in.


Not the prettiest river….especially when it rains.

I was scheduled to run 3 slow miles (11:15-11:45 pace) followed by strides, which I had to look up, because I wasn’t sure what they were. Strides are basically running at about 80-90% of your maximum speed, like you would during a 5K, only your pelvis is tilted up a little higher like you’re doing high knees.

This video helped a lot.

Mile 1: 10:33 (At this point, my Iphone was being wonky, so I wasn’t sure how fast I was running).

Mile 2 : 11:33

Mile 3: 11:01

Mile 4: 10:26 (This half mile was done doing 20 seconds of strides, 2 minutes of jogging, repeat and end with strides)

Total miles: 3.48     Duration: 38:08    Pace per mile: 10:58

I’m sure this is really boring for you who find running akin to sliding down a cheese grater naked, but I am loving it so far. It’s always good to have goals for yourself, physical and otherwise.

When I returned home I was cold, wet, and hangry. I asked Dave to make half whole wheat pizza dough while I was gone and he lovingly obliged. We split up the dough, and Dave made us a flabread ‘appetizer’ pizza that would cook more quickly while I worked on a ricotta, truffle, and arugula pizza similar to the one we had at Bleu.


Since truffles are way out of our budget, I brushed the pizza dough with truffle oil. Truffle oil is actually not made with real truffles either, but it tastes amazing.


I topped the pizza with about half a cup of ricotta cheese and some halved mozzarella pearls and a little bit of pepper.


Then some bella mushrooms sauteed with garlic. While we waited for the pizza to bake, we dined on Dave’s flatbread creation.


His pizza had feta cheese and romaine lettuce and, although it was a little salty, it definitely cured my hanger.

We baked the truffle pizza at 425 for 20 minutes, and when I removed it from the oven, I topped it with a large handful of arugula.


The crust should have been rolled out more, but it was wonderfully thick and chewy, just the way I like it. This pizza was nowhere near as good as Bleu’s. But it was still pretty delicious. I have plans to keep improving it.


We ate our pizza while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Have you seen it? No. Words. I knew it was coming, but it was a little depressing.


So….yesterday.  I was a little anxious at work not knowing what to do with my car. My coworker gave me a warm chocolate chip cookie to alleviate my car distress.


What do other people do instead of calling their dads when their car is broken? I don’t know. All I know is my dad is my hero. When I finished work at 1:30pm, I went out in the parking lot to find my two sisters with a can of Fix-a-Flat and my dad with a jack.

To make a long story short, my car is broken. Surprise, surprise. I cannot put my regular tire back on my car due to a broken strut and spring, so I’m carefully riding to and from work on my doughnut until Dave and I can find a new car (hopefully this weekend). I am decidedly not happy about it, but I knew it was coming.

Dad and I spent the entire afternoon driving back and forth and figuring out the car situation, so I was tired and famished by the time he escorted me back to my apartment. I was in no mood to cook, so I heated up something from Kitchens of India.


This was by far the most disgusting looking Indian meal I have ever purchased. But it was great tasting! Spinach and cheese are a great combo. I topped my meal with some Greek yogurt and closed my eyes while eating it.


I served it with a toasted pita cut into slices for dipping, watched an episode of Gilmore Girls, read two chapters of Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings, and slept my car woes away.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I love pretty much anything on pizza (except too much meat), but my absolute favorite pizza so far is the truffle, arugula, and ricotta pizza from Bleu.


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