Wanna Go on a Run With Me?

Awesome! How about we do a 5k?

First things first: the shoes.



My Asics are my favorite. They’re nice and cushy with plenty of room to spread my toes when I land. What kind do you wear?

Really? Those are always too narrow for my feet! It takes all kinds, though.

Did you bring your Ipod along? You know, in case we get sick of talking to each other. Ha, I know. Hasn’t happened yet.



Still, I’ve got my brand new purple Koss Fit earclips. Looove them. They don’t move a wink.

Better bring Burt, too.

003You don’t have a Burt?! Well, you can borrow mine. But you really need your own Burt; he’s the best. I never go anywhere without him.

Well, first we better warm up with a walk.



A quarter mile is good. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?



I love summer so much.

All right, are you ready?



So it begins!

Yeah, the breeze does feel awesome. It’s a great running day. I’m glad you came with me.



I don’t understand people who don’t like nature. I could wrap this around me like a blanket.

Uh oh, we’re coming up to my least favorite part of the trail.



On those 80 degree days, this open space is a killer. Luckily it’s only 60 out today. Although I was kind of hoping for a nice, hot beach day for Memorial Day. Sometimes I just want to pull an Ishmael and take to the sea, don’t you?



Wow, the woody areas are really buggy today. I must have eaten ten of them already. My Dad always said they were just extra protein.

At least I wore my sunglasses instead of my hat. This tough chick does not want bugs in her eyes.



Hey, lookee here, the halfway point! I’m feeling pretty good; how about you? Great! Let’s turn around and keep going.



Hey, I wonder what that trail leads to…. Wait, can’t get distracted today. We’ll check it out next time. It will just have to be the road not taken.

Yeah, not my favorite poem either. Probably because it’s over-analyzed  I think that’s why I don’t like The Scarlet Letter, either. I hate when symbolism is bashing you on the head instead of swimming along quietly beside you.



The trees smell so wonderful today, don’t they?



Summer is so seductive. Winter is beautiful in its own way, but it’s so lonely. Summer just wants to wrap you up in its arms and give you a big hug.



I’m glad there aren’t too many people on the trail today. It feels like we have the whole world to ourselves.



We’re back! That was a great run. Let’s walk a little bit and then do some stretching.



There, that should do it.

Thanks again for coming with me. That was fun, wasn’t it?


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