Too Much Fun

Weekends are great for my social life, but not so much for my healthy life. The amount of sleep I got and drinks I consumed last weekend had me zombified on Monday morning. The way I felt on yesterday was definitely a kick in the pants to treat myself better so I don’t feel like crap. After all, summer has only begun! I need to pace myself. 🙂

I was so tired yesterday that I ate dinner at 4pm and was in bed by 5pm. Lame-o. I was trying to watch the latest episode of Mad Men and fell asleep on the couch during it. Most people catch up on sleep on the weekends but with my schedule, I’m more likely to catch up on sleep during the week.

I was feeling so much more refreshed after ten hours of shut eye last night. I had an urge to go running, but wasn’t sure if my body could handle the heat and humidity hanging in the air today. I’ve decided not to go running if it’s over 75 degrees unless there is a nice breeze and, as luck would have it, the trees were a’ blowin’.



I made it my mission to run three miles today. While I was doing so, I thought How did I do this last year whilst rolling under barbed wire, climbing over a fence, swimming, and jumping over a fire? Marathon runners are beasts. Still, it was a pretty good run despite the heat.

I came home famished and ready for an easy and delicious dinner of curry.



I love these Kitchens of India packages from Woodman’s. They are so delicious! For some extra protein, I pan fried some pressed tofu and topped it with mixed vegetable curry and plain Greek yogurt.



I had some leftover toasted pitas from the grill and cut them for dipping.



Perfect dinner! Now I think I’m going to dig into that leftover root beer cupcake in the fridge…


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