Manitowoc Meandering

I adore my Wednesdays off. Though I’m not ecstatic that I have to go an entire day (well, almost two) without seeing Dave, it’s glorious when the stars align and I don’t have to work on a Wednesday (it happens once or twice a month). We usually have some sort of weekend plans, especially now that summer is rolling in, but Wednesdays I can do as I please. It’s me day!

Yesterday I decided to use my day off to do a little shopping and then take a trip to Manitowoc to finally visit my mom’s new tea shop, Sage Hollow. She’s been bunked up there for almost six months (?) now, and I had yet to see the place, so I picked up my sister Moriah, and we took a 45 minute trek to the lakeside.


Her shop is actually part of a big group of shops that all share the same space.


It works out well for budding entrepreneurs who have full-time jobs, because they only have to work at the shop for one or two shifts a week.


I scooped up some root beer tea while I was there to keep in the fridge at home—yum! Nothing better than iced looseleaf tea. It was just around lunch time when we got there, so we decided to get a sandwich at the adjoining Manitowoc Coffee.


I ordered a veggie sandwich on multigrain bread with lettuce, tomato, red onion, provolone, and hummus (which came on the side). The sandwich was nothing fancy, but it was good.


I also ordered an unsweetened iced tea. There was no flavor listed, but I think this was a black chai blend.


Emily and Aurelia happened to be there, too, which made the day even more fun. (P.S. Aurelia is walking now! It is the cutest thing ever to watch her waddle).

After checking out all the treasures at the shop, we decided to go for a walk in downtown Manitowoc.


It was a beautiful day for a walk, warm with a slight breeze.


Apparently the perfect day for sundresses. I was out of the loop and wore jeans. Major faux pas.


Ships ahoy! We stopped in a chocolate shop where I picked up a box for my Grandma’s birthday this weekend, and then we had a fun photo-shoot by an anchor statue.


028Aurelia seems to love the water. We think she’s going to be a ship captain.


Hello, skipper!


She just couldn’t understand why the anchor wouldn’t move. Neither could my sister.


We headed back to the shop to say goodbye to Mum and made the drive back to Green Bay. I spent the rest of my night doing laundry and dishes, and then relaxing with some Gilmore Girls. Since I had sushi twice last week and spent a boatload on gas, Target, lunch, Target, chocolate, and Target, I decided to make my own dinner tonight instead of going the Sushi Wednesday route.


Grilled cheese on sprouted rye with swiss, cheddar, pesto, tomatoes, and avocado. Great combo.


In an attempt to make the bread more crunchy instead of greasy, I burned it again. I don’t think Dave is going to let me by the cast iron anymore.


I had some brussels sprouts on the side seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, and lemon juice.


It was a delicious dinner, despite the carbon toast.

Dessert was a few strawberries and a couple squares of Godiva chocolate that Dave…err… the kitties, gave me for Mother’s Day.


Great end to a meal. Until we meet again, wonderful Wednesday.


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