Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Dave ordered Chinese food on Sunday night, and since they always assume we are ordering for ten, we end up with three extra boxes of rice and a pile of fortune cookies. Doesn’t anyone else order Chinese specifically for the leftovers? Come on! Dave was getting frustrated by his not-really-fortune-fortunes, but mine last night was a winner.



(Sorry it’s blurry; I had just exercised, and my arms were shaking). It read: A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories. “Now that’s a real fortune,” Dave said. “You have to bring that with you to Alaska!”

I asked him why I had to bring it with me, and he told me a story about his dad opening a fortune cookie when he was young and dating Dave’s mom Kathy. As soon as he read the fortune, Barry knew it meant Kathy would say “yes” if he proposed. Dave said his dad still keeps the fortune in his wallet to this day. (Barry, I want to know if this is true!)

Well that settles it. I better hang on to that fortune. Since I had polished off the Chel-approved part of the Chinese food Monday night, I made myself a snack plate last night when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat.



I whipped up some roasted red pepper hummus and served it with green beans, broccoli, and tortilla chips. I also had some grapes, strawberries, cheese, pickles, and a couple olives.



Snack plates make lovely warm-weather dinners, don’t you think?

I woke up to an absolutely glorious morning. Since Mother Nature was cooperating, I knew a run was in order. I decided to hit up a different part of the East River Trail which is only about a half a mile from my apartment, thus doesn’t require me to drive or bring anything with me (since my apt has keyless entry).

I wasn’t sure how long I was going to run, but I uploaded CCR to my Ipod, soaked in the sunshine, and tried to think of all the running tips I have received over the last year. The best and simplest was from my cousin last summer: “Don’t stop.”

Whenever I wanted to stop today, I tried to pinpoint why. Are my legs tired? Not really. Am I out of breath? Not more than when I do any other form of exercising. Do I want to stop? Kind of. Do I need to stop? No. So don’t stop. By the time I finished this in my head, I was already a mile and a half in and in a wonderful running groove. Since the trail kept changing directions, I even had a running buddy with me half the time: Shadow Chel. She kept pace with me, sped up when I did, slowed down when I did, and didn’t say a peep, just took in the beautiful day. She was a great running partner but got tired and left me halfway through.

After I finished my two and a half mile loop, I did fifty chest flies and thirty crunches before whipping up a smoothie.



I know it’s not pretty, but it was wonderful.

  • 4 fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup non fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 spoonful of stevia
  • splash of vanilla
  • handful of spinach
  • 5 ice cubes



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: smoothies are the best breakfast! It feels like eating dessert.

What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

My favorite is frozen banana, but I love adding Greek yogurt for texture, and my unsweetened vanilla almond milk is a must.


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