Trading Travel Dreams


It has been my dream to go to Ireland as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, every time the thought almost turned into a possibility, it got shut down. For the time being, Ireland will remain a dream for the future. But I’m young, and I have wanderlust.

So this summer, I’m trading this:


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For this:


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I’m heading north to Alaska, and I’m so excited. My cousins both live and work there during the summer tourist season, so my aunt and I are taking a trip to Seward. We will travel by plane, train, and shuttle to reach our destination.

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With all luck, we will be staying at the Seward Windsong Lodge where my cousin Amanda works.


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And while there, I plan to cram as much of the city into my bloodstream as I can. I want to go sea kayaking, hike the glacier trail, and take a cruise tour of Kenai Fords National Park. I want to see whales and bears, spend time with my awesome cousins, and take a week off from Wisconsin.


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Though I will miss having Dave by my side, I won’t feel too bad because my love for the outdoors is not his cup of tea. On July 27th, Seward, here I come!

What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to?


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