Killing Two Birds

Who came up with that idiom? If you think about it, it’s downright mean. When my family traveled to Virginia for a vacation when I was about ten, I remember going to a wildlife park and hearing a small boy say to his father “Dad, look! A bird! ……Can I throw a rock at it?” I wonder where he got that idea from.

So, I’m on a mission to change the phrase to something much more pleasant. How about we feed two birds with one scone instead? (I know, it will never stick).

Nonetheless, I killed….err…fed two birds with one scone yesterday as I had some bank business to attend to. One of my legs felt really tight, almost like I had pulled a tendon, so I thought I should go for a nice long walk to stretch it out. I comboed exercise and my bank business by walking the four miles there and back. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Apparently it was also a beautiful day for road construction and that, paired with the erratic presence of sidewalks in Green Bay, made for a very interesting journey. I pretty much zig-zagged the whole way there.

Dave took care of dinner by himself last night, partly because when he asked if I wanted to cook the vegetables, I said “If you want me to…” 😀 I’m getting used to being incredibly tired on Mondays, because I’d rather play outside when it’s nice than go to bed when I should.

On the menu: mussels for an appetizer.


I was a bit of a drama queen when it came to eating the mussels last night. Those buggers are hard to open! I ended up slicing part of my hand open with the butter knife, which felt just lovely with the acidic mussel juice seeping into it. Sometimes I don’t like working for my food.


I opened two myself and Dave helped me with the other two. I topped mine with a little bit of cocktail sauce (though Dave prefers his naked), and the flavor was definitely a nice reward for the work.

What a lovely start to dinner! The meal was just as good.


Pork chops and roasted potatoes marinated in orange marmalade (we buy the low sugar kind) and za’atar and green beans stir fried with balsamic.


‘Twas a delicious dinner. My man sure knows how to cook.

What idioms do you use regularly?

I use “piece of cake” and “it takes all kinds to make a world” regularly; Dave is always saying “six of one, half dozen of another.”


2 thoughts on “Killing Two Birds

  1. Ouch! Sorry about your hand – although I love seafood I am not a fan of the work that is sometimes involved, either. That said, the mussels look delicious. As does that orange marmalade! I’m trying to think of idioms that I use a lot, but my mind keeps going back to puns. Now *those* I use all the time…almost annoyingly so. Keyword “almost,” right…? 🙂

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