Things I Love A-Z

A: Apples. I eat one for lunch almost every day. My favorites are Fuji, Braeburn, and Gala. Apples are the best mid-day snack.

B: Books. I have traveled more through literature than I have in the “real” world, but my favorite characters are just as real to me.

C: Curry. I have been crazy about curry lately. I get packaged curry mixes by Taste of India and serve them over veggies or scoop them with whole wheat pita bread, and they are one of my new favorite quick dinners.

D: Dave. He’s my best friend, he makes me laugh, and his is my favorite face.


E: Elves. Cause I’m nerdy like that.

F: Flip-flops. I am finally wearing them again! Huzzah!

G: Grilling out. Whether it is at a park, at my parents, or just Dave and I at home, it is always fun (and delicious!).

Add Media017

H: House. I want one. Mostly so I can have a garden and a yard and play outside in the summer!

I: Ireland. My dream vacation–it will happen!

J: Jigsaw puzzles. I really enjoy putting puzzles together, but our cats love to run off with puzzle pieces, so I don’t do them very often.

K: Kitchens. My favorite room of the house. When I think about having a house, I usually dream about the kitchen. And having an outdoor kitchen someday.

L: Lakes. The best place for swimming–no sharks or chlorine!

M: Martinis. Dirty. With at least two olives. Preferably stuffed with bleu-cheese.


N: Nature. I wish I appreciated nature more in the winter, but I’m a summer girl, through and through. Give me sparkling lakes, mourning doves, and tall trees any day.

O: Onions. They make me cry, but they make everything taste better.

P: Pets. They are so entertaining and really do make a house a home. I love having someone to come home to when Dave isn’t around.

2009_ (11)

Q: Q-tips. Have you ever forgotten to pack Q-tips on a trip away from home? It’s horrible! How did people live before Q-tips?

R: Restaurants. I love going out to eat! And drink. 🙂

S: Sweet potatoes. Roasted or grilled, I actually prefer them to french fries.


T:  TV on DVD. This is how I found most of my favorite shows: Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Star Trek, Frasier. Who needs cable?

U: Umbrellas. I feel very classy when I carry one, which is pretty much never.

V: Veggies of all kinds!


W: Worf.

X: Xena, Warrior Princess. Actually, I never really watched the show, but I love the idea of a warrior princess. And I did use her as inspiration for my Warrior Dash costume. (And I didn’t want to say x-rays or xylophones).

Y: Yule. My favorite holiday! Lights and trees, eggnog and that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Z: Zippers?

Pick a few letters, and tell me what you love!


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