A Perfect Day Off

The difference I have noticed in my energy level in the last week is nothing short of amazing. The last time I had a day off, I slept for twelve hours. This morning, I slept a healthy nine hours before I woke up at 5:00am ready to start the day.

While I sipped my coffee, I watched a movie that’s gotten a lot of buzz the last few years: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

The movie is an American documentary film about an Australian who goes on a juice fast to lose weight and get off of the mounds of medication he’s taking. In the process, he inspires others to follow him, including an obese truck driver who is killing himself with food.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I watched this is because I have always been very skeptical about any kind of fast, including juice fasts. After watching the film, I can’t deny the message this film is sending is a great one, and I am not nearly as skeptical about juice fasts. I particularly loved how honest the film was, hovering over details that most people cringe from. I didn’t care for the cartoon aspects of the film, but they were few and far between. And if you still think the idea of juice fasting is crazy when the film is over, you should at least be able to agree that eliminating processed foods from your diet and exercising more can do wonders for your health and attitude. I certainly know this to be true.

After watching the documentary, I tried out a brand new workout video. It would have been a lovely day for a run, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to start slow with running, so I’ll try not to run consecutively too often. New (old) workout video:

Jeanette Jenkins’ Kickboxing Bootcamp. Kickboxing is so much fun! My sisters and I wanted to try a kickboxing class at a local gym, but I’ve been wussing out because it’s too close to my bedtime. I like to be done with exercise at least three hours before bedtime, otherwise I have trouble sleeping.

This was a great workout. So great that I couldn’t even finish it. It’s a 50 minute video, and I made it 35 minutes today before I had to turn it off and cool down. Holy heart rate, batman! I was sweating buckets by the end.

006 But I love getting a great workout while pretending I’m a badass by punching and kicking. It’s a good way to release aggression in a nonviolent way. 😀

After exercising, I cooled down even more with a smoothie.


This one was made with strawberry Greek yogurt, mango juice, frozen mangoes and strawberries, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Nom nom nom. It tasted just like a strawberry milkshake!


While I drank my smoothie, I wrote out all our summer plans on the whiteboard that hangs on our door.

010It’s shaping up to be a busy summer, as usual! But I’m pumped for all the fun things we have planned.

When I thought of how I could best spend my day off today (in more of an entertaining than productive way), I thought of two things: hang out with some cool people and go to World Market in Appleton.




And done.


Auntie Chel, why do you always take pictures every time you see me?

Road trip!!! My sister Emily, my niece Aurelia, and I drove to Appleton for the day. (Dave laughed when I told him my “road trip” was to Appleton, since he drives there every day for work, but I only go about once a year). My sister had been taking part in a health study that didn’t allow her to eat beforehand, so we headed to lunch as soon as we arrived in Appleton. There were tons of restaurants to choose from, and I suggested Atlanta Bread Company, which is right across from World Market.


It was a very Panera-type place with fresh sandwiches, salads, and soups. I went with the Half & Half and ordered the California Avocado and a Chardonnay Brie Salad. I also got a regular size cup for iced tea.

I was pleasantly surprised to find five choices!


I looove when places have good tea. Atlanta Bread Company offered two sweetened teas and three unsweetened. I went with the unsweetened Organic Ginger Peach.


It was really fruity and refreshing. Way to go, ABC!

Em and I were given a number on a card holder when we sat down and after waiting about ten minutes, someone brought the food to our table.


Who wants McDonalds instead of this? Not me!


I forgot to order my dressing on the side, so I was happy to discover that the salad was not drenched in dressing like most restaurant salads. It will still more than I usually put on a salad, though–I usually use less than a tablespoon. The salad came with melty brie, grapes, warmed pears, candied pecans, and a chardonnay vinaigrette. Delicious! I love that they melted the brie, because that’s my favorite way to eat it.


The sandwich was amazing, too. I forgot to order it without mayonnaise (which I don’t really care for), but I couldn’t complain too much: there were huge chunks of fresh avocado, provolone cheese, and red onion on this lovely tomato focaccia bread.


The meal also came with a hunk of a French baguette. Everything was so good, I finished it all. It wouldn’t have lasted in the hot car, anyway, and I hate wasting food.


While I devoured my meal, Aurelia went to town on her grilled cheese sandwich.


And my sister declared her french onion soup and salmon salad fantastic, as well!

After lunch, we headed over to World Market.


The little moonbeam was such a doll in the store. Em and I meandered up and down every aisle. World Market is such a fun wandering store. I particularly love the food section and always leave with a batch of funky goodies.


Today’s loot included dried shitake mushrooms, dried seasoned seaweed, stuffed grape leaves, curry paste, plum wine, green tea mochi (a creamy rice cake), and lychee berry flavored gummies. I have a weakness for gummy candy, amongst other things.I also found a huge variety of Pop Chips! The stores in Green Bay only carry three different flavors, but World Market had about eight kinds. I left with salsa tortilla  and thai sweet chili potato Pop Chips.

After over an hour in World Market, we had to stop at Gordman’s. It’s a fantastic place for frugal shoppers like my sister and me: Em spent $3 on a summery tube top, and I spent $7 on a flowy, striped short sleeve top. Yay for summer clothes!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home for margarita and guacamole ingredients (Cinco de Mayo party for work this weekend), and of course I left with some sushi, too. It’s Sushi Wednesday!

034I wasn’t supremely hungry since I had a big lunch, so I only bought two rolls.


Spicy Shrimp Tokyo Fantasy Roll with brown rice.


Veggie Spring Roll.


I also tried a package of the dried seasoned seaweed. It was really good in a really weird sort of way. Like a sushi chip. I liked it!

I ate my sushi while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and now I’m going to read some Game of Thrones before bed. All in all, a (nearly) perfect day off!

What’s your idea of the perfect day off?


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