Runnin’ With the Sun

Holy cricket, it was hot today!


We were promised a slightly warm and stormy day, but instead we were bestowed with a scorcher! I can’t complain about the weather, because I love it to pieces, but I do have to admit it makes me a little nervous how erratic the weather has been the last few years. Climate change is a scary thing.

Nonetheless, I took advantage of the clear and sunny skies to head out on a run after work.


I really should say run/walk because I’m trying not to push myself too hard. I think I gave myself knee pain last year from mixing up the length of my runs too much when I’m not truly a runner. I started off with 1.1 miles, walked for a bit, ran for a bit, etc. In the end, I ran a little over 2.5 miles and walked about 1.5 miles. I tried to sprint a few tenths to get my heart rate even higher, but I started to get reaaaally warm. My elbows actually started sweating. Whose elbows sweat? It was kind of weird.

I am still trying to break these shoes in from last summer. I found this great link through the wonders of Pinterest that show different ways to lace shoes based on the shape of your feet. I have a high instep, a wide forefoot, and my heel tends to slip so I adjusted my laces for the high instep and heel slipping first.


The shoes were definitely more comfortable than when I used them last year, but still not quite right. I read somewhere (I am always reading something somewhere) that you should actually buy running shoes a size up than you normally wear, so maybe these just aren’t allowing my foot enough room for running? I think I’ll try the wide forefoot and parallel lacing techniques and if neither of those work, I’m just going to have to spring for new running shoes. Good running shoes are so expensive, but I guess it beats the cost of a gym overall.

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, nor did I feel like eating anything hot so I opted for a cold wrap filled with all sorts of tasty things.


Bean spread, red bell peppers, red onions, feta cheese, and pickles. Mmmm. I made the bean spread on Sunday with one can of cannellini beans, one can of northern beans, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp za’ater, and salt and freshly ground pepper. It kept getting better and better as it sat in the fridge, and it was a perfect protein for my wrap tonight.


And so colorful! I had some salt & vinegar Pop Chips along with my wrap.


I love these babies. I’ve tried the jalapeno ones now as well, and both varieties are equally delicious. They are so light and crunchy with the perfect amount of zing. And while they may not be good for you, they aren’t bad for you either. Definitely the healthier choice if you’re in a chip kind of mood.

I have always been kind of particular about chips. I don’t like potato chips, and I rarely go out of my way for kettle chips, but I love Target’s brand of Archer Farms blue corn tortilla chips with flaxseeds. The flaxseeds give them such a nutty flavor, and they are amazing with salsa or on their own. But these Pop Chips are definitely giving them a run for their money as my favorite.

What are your favorite kind of chips?


5 thoughts on “Runnin’ With the Sun

  1. hey chel….you should check out run away shoes for your next pair of shoes. they are super knowledgeable and check out the way you run and make shoe recommendations from there. super awesome! also, we ahould try a run together soon!

    • Thanks, Linds! If I’m going to commit to running, I should probably by “real” running shoes and not department store running shoes. After I’m back in the groove, I would love to go on a run with you! 🙂

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