First Run of the Year!

Something I definitely need to remember:

I’ve really been slacking off in the exercise department lately. Sometimes I feel like I am in a constant battle with my body. Every summer I have tons of energy, love exercising, lose a bunch of weight, and am usually pretty happy about life.

075Every winter, my energy drops, I gain weight, exercise becomes a chore, and I forget what it’s like to be truly happy. After a long talk with my doctor a month ago, I finally agreed to go on anti-depressants. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this on my blog, but I decided I have nothing to hide: I refuse to be ashamed of who I am. I have clinical depression and seasonal depression. Aaaaand I don’t want to.


I’ve had it (them) for awhile, and I’ve tried to stave it off the best I can. It’s much easier in the summer, but I just can’t make it through the winter on my wits alone anymore (and I don’t think Dave can handle it either 🙂 )– that double dose is killer. I’m hoping medication will only be a temporary fix, but my doctor really thought I should give it a try. And when I thought about the fact that I have spent six months (November-April) in this state, it was kind of a clear choice. I’m not wasting half a year feeling miserable–I want to enjoy life!


I was told it would take awhile to feel the effects, but after several weeks, I think it’s finally kicking in. With the sunshine yesterday, I was eager to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D (I’ve been taking a supplement, because my Vitamin D levels are also very low). I grabbed my Ipod and my new set of earphones that I ordered off Amazon.


I think this is my fifth pair in the last two years! Artemis loves to chew through cords, the little bugger, and I ended up throwing the last pair away, just because they were so horrible. They fell out of my ears even while sitting down.

I went to the trail and was happy to find that it was no longer snow-covered or flooded–huzzah! After I walked over the bridge, I swore I could make out my mom through the brush and trees, even though it was a few hundred feet away. I felt kind of creepy but I walked up to the fence and peered through and finally shouted “Mom!” when I discovered it was her; she’s a horticulturist and just started tending the grounds at the condo/golf course that she takes care of spring through early winter. It was a really nice (and kind of weird) surprise, so I chatted with her about ten minutes before taking off down the trail again.


I intended to just power walk, but I got an urge to run a half mile in and just went for it. The last time I ran was the day of Warrior Dash last year (lame-o), so I thought I would only run about two-tenths of a mile. But I felt pretty good after that, so I kept going.


Then I hit half a mile. Then seven-tenths. And since I got that far I figured I might as well try for the whole mile. Boom! I power walked another half mile to finish it out. I didn’t have my pedometer with, so I’m not sure how fast I was going; it felt like a 10 minute mile, so definitely nothing too crazy fast.


The new ear phones I bought were great–they hardly moved at all during my run. I’m a huge fan of the wrap-around ear buds for running. After I got home, I actually wish I had pushed myself harder, but I have plenty of time for that. Three months until the next Warrior Dash, so I’ve got to be quick about getting my mojo back.

After I was pumped full of endorphins, I decided to make myself a quesadilla for dinner using the grilled cheese method with cast iron pans.


I used two whole wheat tortillas and filled them with 1/2 a cup of refried black beans, 1 1/2 oz of shredded cheddar, and a handful of spinach.


I topped my quesadilla with plain Greek yogurt and salsa. I never even buy sour cream, anymore: plain Greek yogurt is much more versatile than sour cream with more protein, less fat, and pretty equal flavor.



Unfortunately, I still have to work on getting my bread and tortillas crispy. Maybe I’m not turning the heat up high enough before I press my sandwiches? My tortilla wasn’t very crispy, but it was still delicious.

Here’s to a new summer season—may it live long and prosper!


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