My husband and I don’t cook very well together in the kitchen. Let’s just say we have different styles, but we both appreciate the other’s ideas. Since we both like to cook, we usually trade off making dinner or we both work on separate parts of dinner with our own space.



“This is my part of the counter; what are you doing?!”



“Did you get flour on my potatoes?”



I need that towel!”



At least we’re both passionate.



Last night we had a lovely dinner. I worked on the entree and side dish. Dave took care of dessert. This was especially nice, as we rarely ever have homemade dessert.



I pretended to be fancy last night and made Salmon en Croute. It was nearly identical to last time’s recipe, only I added some smoked paprika for seasoning. Can I just take a minute to say how much I love smoked paprika now? It hits regular paprika right out of the park.



The broccoli didn’t look too good at the grocery store last Saturday, and though I would never say I’m Brussels sprouted out, I do think we have been eating it almost exclusively for our dinner vegetable recently. We went with green beans instead, so I roasted them with our really good balsamic vinegar, some salt and pepper.


This balsamic from Olivada in Sheboygan is fabulous. It is so sweet and tangy, so syrupy, it makes everything from vegetables to ice cream pure decadence.




If I can’t find a good balsamic distributor in Green Bay, we will definitely be ordering this online, because I just don’t think we can go back to grocery store balsamic.



Just as I pulled dinner out of the oven, Dave lowered the temperature for dessert, one of his family’s favorites: Sheila’s Pudding. We ate dinner while Jamie Oliver’s specialty baked in the oven.



I forgot to add the sauce when I took the photos, but I made a lemon caper dill sauce with Greek yogurt to spoon over the salmon en croute, and the meal was so delicious. With salmon en croute, you definitely get more than you put into the recipe; it’s pretty simple, but the results are pretty outstanding.



Look at this beauty! Warm peaches, moist cake with a bit of a crunch on top.



I think I’m a fan of Sheila’s pudding, whoever she is. Now that dinner is what I call teamwork.



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