The Grass Isn’t Riz

Since the spring festival is a sign of rebirth, Dave and I couldn’t think of a better time to have our first cookout of the year and awaken our grill from the cold clenches of winter.

Unfortunately, this is what spring in Wisconsin looks like this year.



Not very pretty.

We invited my brother Tyler and his girlfriend Nicole over for our cookout, and Dave and I prepared enough food to feed an army.



Notice the difference between the steaks? The one of the left, the vibrant red one, is a humane-certified, grass-fed one.




Regular Certified Angus Beef NY Strip Steak: $4.63.

The same size steak from a humanely treated cow:



A whopping $10.82. It’s disheartening that it costs so much more to treat animals well.



Still I was very happy with my purchase, even though I did have to shell out an extra $5 bucks for it.

Nicole doesn’t eat red meat, so Dave also grilled up a whole chicken, which I can’t seem to find the picture for. We also did a slew of veggies.



Brussels sprouts and red onions.



And mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and russet potatoes.

True to form, we didn’t throw the food on the grill until it was past seven and natural light and good photograph taking time.



Dave cooked the chicken, steak, potatoes, and onions on Char (our big grill).



And we cooked the Brussels sprouts on the mini terracotta pot that we’d previously been using for a source of heat in the freezing weather outside. Actually, the boys had: Nicole and I spent most of our time chatting inside while the boys slaved away in the cold. Hey, Eostre was a goddess: let’s celebrate women today! šŸ˜‰

We also grilled the mushrooms on the terracotta grill pot. This one certainly comes in handy for food overflow.


A little past nine, dinner was served.



The taste of spring and summer on a winter’s day. I covered my steak with the mushrooms and onions, which was delectable. I had used a lemon garlicĀ marinade on the mushrooms while they were cooking which made them melt-in-your mouth delicious and a perfect topping for the simply seasoned steak (salt and pepper).




The Brussels sprouts? Goood.021


The sweet potatoes? Gooood.



Dessert that we had nothing to do with the making of? Scrumdidileeumptious.

(On a side note, has anyone else noticed how small the Cadbury creme eggs have gotten? I’m certain they were at least 50% bigger last year…)

Happy First Cookout of the Year!


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