Gym Workout

Yesterday, I did something new. I went to the gym for the first time since college to work out. Crazy! I’m used to using my living room and the Great Outdoors as my exercise space, so this was a nice refresher for my routine.

My sister Emily asked if I wanted to join her at the YMCA so I bought a $10 day pass for the one she attends, which is about eight miles from my apartment. Em is used to using the jogging track, but I wanted to workout like I did in college–with ellipticals! The staff was all friendly and very eager to help us, so after we dropped the little moonbeam off in the childcare section, she showed us to the second floor of the gym. I love that they have a relatively inexpensive childcare section so people like my sister can exercise without worrying about their little ones.

There is a workout room filled with ellipticals, but they had just put them in that day and weren’t quite up and running yet. So we used two of the older ones which were set up on the second floor of the gym, right in the corner of the jogging track.



It took Em no time at all to get accustomed to the elliptical, and it was fun seeing how long we’d been on it, how many strides we took, and how many calories we burned. I love people-watching (not in a creepy way), so it was also kind of nice having people running around the track and watching people on the first floor do a Cardio Kickboxing class.



My sisters and I were thinking about taking a kickboxing class together, so it was nice to see that the Y offers them as part of their membership. I love kickboxing with Jillian, but this class looked more cardio and less kickboxing than I’d like, although I did miss the end of it. Still, it would be really fun to do with my sisters. I loved having a workout buddy today.

After 35 minutes and 260 calories, we stretched for a few minutes, then hightailed it back to the Kid’s Corner to pick up Aurelia, where the caregiver informed Emily that she didn’t make a peep, just played with toys on the floor. Best baby ever.

Now I’m on the fence about getting a gym membership. I’ve never had one before, because I hate the idea of how much money I would pay every year to exercise when I can do it for free. On the other hand, it was so much fun going with my sister, and it was awesome seeing such a large group of people be active around me–very inspiring. The membership is $42 dollars a month which includes access to a pool, gym, the workout rooms, locker rooms, and any classes that I want to take. (Forty two dollars seems like a lot to me–I think it’s more expensive than most of the other gyms around me).

I can’t make up my mind, but it’s definitely something to think about. It would be really nice to have the opportunity to jog inside this summer when it’s too hot to run outside, though.

When I got home to my Davy, he had just started the newest Star Trek movie, so I showered, grabbed some food, and plopped down on the couch to relax. First, I started with a mug of Miso.



I love miso soup It’s much better when you get it in a restaurant, filled with chunks of tofu and seaweed, but the packets are still delicious, too.

After miso….sushi!



Spicy Tuna, Bagel Roll, Tuna, Salmon, and Eel Nagano, and Veggie Goyza. With a little heap of pickled ginger on the side.



Along with my sushi, I tried some beer that my friends Dan and Em brewed themselves. Since we’re going to visit them this weekend, I wanted to be able to give an opinion on it.



(Yes, I took the picture before the foam finished settling). I was so impressed! The beer tasted like…beer! It was really refreshing with a bit of a sharp taste that Dave attributed to us leaving it to ferment longer than necessary before refrigerating it yesterday. Now Dave and I are both eager to try to make our own. And we know just who to go to for tips.

Do you have a gym membership? Is it worth it?


2 thoughts on “Gym Workout

  1. Gym membership = worth it. You paid $10 for one day, if you go 5x a month you’ve got a better deal. Plus, you meet people and you are more inclined to exercise because you are paying for it! Go for it!

  2. I recently joined a gym (I previously was a member of a spinning/yoga studio and before that a yoga studio) so a gym membership for both my husband and myself still feels cheap after what I was paying! I like to workout in the morning and running in my neighborhood isn’t exactly easy so the gym is worth it to me! (It also keeps me sane and is a huge stress reliever so I’d pay more!)

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