Hint of Spring

If I hadn’t looked out the window this morning, I might have thought it was spring. The first sign is not outside but within me, a stirring feeling, like a surge of energy is running through my body and out my fingertips.

In other words, I finally felt like exercising this morning. I’ve been pretty bad about it this last month, going from my usual 4-5 times a week to about 2 times a week. I know. If only I could bottle the feeling I get after I exercise and give myself a quick taste beforehand. But it’s just not the same in winter in winter for me. I don’t get the same high I do in the summer.

I didn’t open the curtains this morning, simply put on my exercise clothes and jumped right into 30 Day Shred, pretending it was summer.

Oh, lovely exercise endorphins. I finished my workout with several cups of coffee and lounged about before I got ready to meet my friend Michelle and my sister Moriah for lunch and a movie. We decided on Noodles & Company for lunch, a “fresh” fast food place featuring pasta dishes with Mediterranean, American, and Asian inspiration. I haven’t been there since college and, since then, they’ve added sandwiches, soups, and salads.

I never order off the American menu (although they did have an interesting looking Truffle Mac & Cheese, which I’m sure is about 1,000 calories), so today I opted for a small Bangkok Curry, which is sweet coconut curry, broccoli, carrots, red pepper, onion, mushroom, and a light portion of rice noodles served on cabbage with black sesame seeds.


Pretty enough to eat! The dish was very light and fresh. It seems like all the curry sauce was mixed with the noodles though and not the vegetables; they were cooked but not flavored at all. I loved the curry flavor, though.

Afterwards, we hit the theatre to watch Oz, the Great and Powerful.

I was very glad that Michelle, like me and Moriah, does not like 3D movies and wanted to see the regular version. The movie was entertaining but overall, just okay. It was a bit more of a kid’s movie than The Wizard of Oz, with several characters like Jar-Jar who were clearly supposed to appeal to children almost exclusively. Still, it was fun to go to the movies again, especially in such good company. I love having fun things to do on a weekend!

After the movie, I did a bit of shopping for my brother’s birthday. He works tonight, but we’re meeting at Old Chicago for dinner and drinks to celebrate. I hope the rumor that Old Chicago is going out of business is not true, because I love their pizza!


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