Good Eats

Yesterday was a day of ridiculously good eats. When I woke up, the sun was peeking in through the blinds, and a quick jaunt to the rubbish bins told me that spring was on its way…slowly, perhaps, but on its way.

I decided to make brunch for Dave and I and Googled a fluffy pancake recipe to whip up. I haven’t made or eaten pancakes in ages. I generally prefer waffles to pancakes, but I had a craving yesterday morning, and nothing but pancakes would do.


Because it’s easy to eat a million pancakes and then feel stuffed, I halved the recipe to two servings to make sure I wouldn’t go overboard. Pancakes are just like Chinese food: no matter how much you eat, you’re famished three hours later.

While the pancakes cooked, I fried up the rest of the Boca sausage links from the freezer.


I love these links so much. The flavor is really spot on, and if I don’t want to pay the extra for real humane-certified sausage, they work for pasta, pizza, and a sidenote to pancakes.


I topped my pancakes with a little pat of butter and a drizzle of Aunt Joyce’s Homemade Blueberry Syrup (the commercial Aunt Joyce…not mine) given to me for my birthday last summer. It was really tasty, nice and thick just like blueberries pureed with real maple syrup.

After brunch, I finished Divergent. Yup, in less than 24 hours.


It was really nice to find a book that I couldn’t put down: it’s been ages since I’ve read one of those. I downloaded Insurgent for my Kindle immediately, but the third book of the series doesn’t come out until later this year. The fact that the author, Roth, is a year younger than I am, makes me incredibly jealous but also proud.

After finishing Divergent, I asked my sister Emily to meet up with me for some shopping. I needed a few last-minute things to bring along on my Milwaukee trip, and she happened to be bumming around town. We met at Target, then sat down in the newly installed Starbucks for a drink.


I had a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. I don’t drink fancy coffee drinks very often, usually just plain black, but the hint of sweetness hit the spot.


Meanwhile, Em and Aurelia shared a Sobe and some crackers.


After Target we hit up Goodwill. I love thrifting, but Sundays are usually crazy busy and yesterday’s proved no exception. Still, it was fun meandering around to look for treasures. After we said goodbye, I headed back home to shower, pack for my trip, and read a little bit of Insurgent before working on dinner.

Since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I decided to make a really delicious dinner to make sure that Dave will miss me while I’m gone. 😀 On the menu: an old favorite from Ina Garten, the best ever roasted broccoli. As usual, I nixed the pine nuts and used extra garlic.


And a new recipe, courtesy of Rachael Ray: Drunken Risotto.


After finally mastering the art of white wine risotto, I really wanted to try a version with red wine. This was the main course as it included organic humane-certified sausage and an entire bag of chopped spinach.


It was so interesting to cook the reddish purplish risotto…it almost started to look like kidney beans.


I need to work on my “pinches” of salt. Lately, I’ve been using either too little or too much; today, my fingers were overly generous and the broccoli was a tad too salty. Not enough to make it anything less than the best ever roasted broccoli, though.


I don’t rave about my meals too often, but ohmygoshthiswassogood. Seriously. That risotto was second-helping, knock your socks off, hide in the kitchen while eating some good. Definitely a keeper.

After dinner, I had a fun dessert planned using the awesome Balsamic Vinegar we got from Olivada.


Vanilla bean ice cream with blackberries and a hefty drizzle of Balsamic. The match of sweet and tangy in here was perfect. I wouldn’t try this recipe with anything but the best Balsamic, which made it a fabulous dessert.

Dave and I ate dinner while watching one of my all time favorite movies. Everything is great about this movie: the music, the dialogue, the characters, the plot, the quotable quotes…it really is a classic.

What a great Sunday! I have a feeling being outside in the sunshine had a lot to do with it, and I can’t wait for more.

Now I have to finish packing the rest of my stuff, because my bus leaves at 5:00am! I won’t be back until Friday around 5:00pm, and I don’t have a laptop anymore, so no posts this week. I am going to miss Dave and my kitties so much—I haven’t been away from them this long in three years. Hopefully, the week goes by fast!


4 thoughts on “Good Eats

    • I cannot recommend that recipe highly enough. The first time I made it, I wanted to hide it and eat it all myself, but I settled for two helpings. Even my sister (who hated broccoli at the time) loved it.

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