Archie’s Pub

My brother Tyler recently acquired a new job as kitchen manager of Archie’s Pub & Eatery in De Pere. The first time Dave and I visited, the kitchen had just closed, but we made it in time last night!

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Dave and I were both hungry by 6:00, so we went early, expecting it to be quiet. The place was packed! Luckily, we scored a two-top next to the window, a nice table except for the creepy manequin decked out in Packers gear behind me. I had my back to her, but Dave got to look at her face all night. 🙂

I ordered a Blue Moon to enjoy before my meal.


Archie’s menu was pretty standard pub fare with cheap prices. I ordered a ‘Vegi Burger’ for $3.95 and added fries for an extra $1.50. Dave got the Fish & Chips, which was $8.95.

Our food took about 40 minutes, but it was pretty busy at that point, so I didn’t really mind. I finished my beer and smartly ordered a club soda with a lime while we waited.


Since I had to work the next day, I definitely did not want a hangover. Look at me–I learned something from last time! 😀


My veggie burger was surprisingly good. It came with mustard, ketchup, pickles, and raw onions. A lot of places tend to overcook veggie burgers, but this was perfectly soft. And it was definitely worth the calorie trade-off for fries–I haven’t had them in forever, and they were just as hot, crispy, and greasy as I remembered.


Dave’s fish & chips were served in a brown paper bag with two containers of tartar sauce. There were four fish tenders in the bag along with a big ol’ heap of fries–probably twice the amount I got (thus the higher price tag). I thought the presentation was pretty cool. I had to help Dave out by eating some of his fries.

Soon after dinner, it was time to head home for bed. I knew if I stayed any longer to wait for my friends, I would have just been more sad that I had to leave. Another trade-off for working early hours. 😦

For delicious pub fare, I’d definitely recommend Archie’s Pub! (And not just because my brother works there. Well, maybe a little bit).

Note: I forgot my camera last night, so these are all recycled photos.


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