Sleeping In

I’ve been able to ‘sleep in’ the last few days (until 6:00-7:00), because I’ve been working at the cafe. Even though I don’t really mind waking up at 3:30 anymore, it is nice to wake up and have time to exercise and make breakfast before I go to work.

This morning, I did another 30 minute 30 Rock session. The show is the perfect length of time to do my very own 30 Day Shred. I’ve been using the cardio session mostly for running in place to prep me for when I go outside and start to run again. I’m scared, but I remember how scared I was last year, and I was still able to pull it off.



As soon as spring is here, my workout videos are going to get a nice long break while I play outside. I can’t wait! I’ll probably have to teach myself how to use my Ipod Nano all over again.

After exercising, I made myself an egg white scramble for breakfast.



I stir fried some broccoli coleslaw mix with grape tomatoes, some Boca sausage links, fennel, garlic salt, minced onion, pepper, and egg whites for a protein-packed and delicious breakfast. I topped my scramble with some Greek yogurt and had a piece of sprouted honey wheat raisin toast on the side.

Dave cooked me dinner last night, so I’m on the docket for tonight. He used parchment paper to make a delicious pollock, veggie, and couscous dish, which he didn’t take a picture of, but it looked something like this:

It was really delicious. We’d been using whole-wheat Israeli couscous so much last year that I forgot how much I love regular Moroccan couscous. Mixed with veggies and spices, it’s really flavorful…and meals always taste better when someone else makes them. 🙂

I plan on making Butter Chicken Curry tonight using a packet we got from Woodman’s ages ago. It’s been awhile since I’ve made Curry-anything, so I’m looking forward to it.


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