Wonderful Weekend

As much as I love seeing friends and family on the weekend, sometimes it’s nice to just hang out with my Davy. This weekend proved no exception. After the baby shower, Dave and I briefly contemplated going out for dinner but elected to stay home instead. Winter weather always leaves me less ambitious to leave the house.

We followed our normal February 2nd tradition of watching a favorite movie: Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day

I love Bill Murray, and this is one of my favorite movies with him. Besides Ghostbusters. And Lost in Translation. And What About Bob. And the Royal Tenenbaums.

For dinner, we ordered pizza out (again…wow, we’re getting predicatable), but decided to try a new place: Rosati’s. Dave grew up with Rosati’s in his home state of Illinois and wanted to see if it was as good as he remembered.


We ordered two small pizzas: a Deep Dish Sausage and a ‘double dough’ (aka hand tossed) Spinach Classic. The prices were fairly comparable to Glass Nickel, and the pizzas arrived relatively quickly, albeit more lukewarn than hot.


Although the ingredients didn’t seem to be spread out evenly (I had a piece without tomato sauce and Dave had a piece with no spinach), I was very impressed with the flavor.


I thought the deep dish was just as good as Gino’s! The crust was delicious and buttery. Unfortunately, by the time Dave ate, the crust got soggy, so he couldn’t compare the two.

Since I am unable to stay up past 11 anymore, I fell asleep on the couch soon after dinner.

Sunday morning we were both up bright and early, me at 7:00 and Dave at 8:00. I spent most of the morning reading my new book Let’s Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, a humorous memoir that has me itching to write about my own childhood.

Because we wanted to get out of the house, Dave and I did a bit of grocery shopping, stopped for coffee, did some thrifting, and came home with a salad spinner (finally!), a new oil lamp, and some loaf pans. Dave suggested we play a video game together, and I got excited at the idea of Super Smash Bros., a game I fondly remember playing on my brother’s Nintendo 64.

Unfortunately, when Dave unpacked his games, it was nowhere to be found. We almost considered buying it on Amazon, where it would have run us almost $50 with shipping (clearly I am not a video game nerd…I assumed since it was an old game, it would be like $5), but then called a few places in Green Bay and tracked one down for $34.99.


I’m pretty sure Dave fell more in love with me as he watched me play my favorite character, Link, and slowly relearned all his moves. Mostly because he told me about five or six times. Nerds are so easily impressed. 😀

We finished the day with Mexican food and a viewing of Wreck-It Ralph. Animated movies are getting so complex! I thought this was a fantastic movie with a fantastic plot, great voice work, and a myriad of emotions.

Wreck it Ralph

Way to go, Disney! I highly recommend this for kids and adults. Starting my weekend early meant ending my weekend early…I stayed up later than I should have and went to bed a little after nine.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. I’m ready for it!


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