I’m Never Drinking Again….

I had waaaay too much fun last night, and I spent all day paying for it. Pretty rotten, considering Sunday was my only day off this week. Note to self: set a drink cap. Ugh.

The evening started off nicely. I worked at the cafe yesterday and had a few hours of relaxing time before Dave and I headed out to Applebee’s for dinner. I had a gift card from Christmas to use up–yay for free food!



Since it was busy, Dave and I opted to sit at the bar. We each ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. I rarely ever order these, but Applebee’s has them for $2 and they’re pretty tasty. They are basically one-sip “Hello, I’m drunk” drinks, but too cheap and delicious to pass up.



A couple across the bar saw me snapping a picture, and I overheard them talking to each other about me. Sometimes I get embarrassed taking food photos, but I’m getting pretty used to it now.

I really wanted a veggie burger with fries, but the waitress said they don’t serve veggie burgers. Weird! Almost every chain restaurant I know now offers a veggie burger swap. I wasn’t feeling flexitarian and there weren’t any vegetarian options on the menu, so I went for the Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp. I’m getting a little tired of ordering seafood out–why don’t places know how to cook good vegetarian dishes yet? Sheesh.

The Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp is part of Applebee’s Weight Watchers Menu and is described as “A hearty portion of grilled chipotle-lime shrimp and black bean corn salsa tossed with lime juice and chopped cilantro. Served on a mix of grilled zucchini, marinated tomatoes, onions & red peppers with steamed white rice.”

003A lot of places skimp on shrimp, but I found the portion to be pretty good here. The entree was chain-restaurant-good; it wasn’t super fresh tasting, but it had quite a bit of flavor, even if it wasn’t nearly as spicy as I thought it would be. I finished all the shrimp and vegetables but left half the rice, which wasn’t seasoned at all. Unless it’s sushi rice or risotto, it usually just isn’t worth it.

After we paid for our drinks, Dave and I headed out to Archie’s, a pub and eatery where my brother recently started working. By the time we got there at nine, the kitchen had already closed for the night, so we couldn’t order scads of hard-to-cook things for Ty. Maybe next time. 😀

Fortunately, that meant he could join us and a few other friends for a drink. And another drink. And another drink. Which somehow led to Tyler and I belting out ‘Jackson’ on karaoke night.


Photo courtesy of my friend Nicole

I woke up this morning barely remembering the last half of the night, which was probably a good thing. I’m getting too old for this.




2 thoughts on “I’m Never Drinking Again….

  1. $2 Long Islands! Dangerous. Haven’t you ever heard not to mix your alcohol? 🙂 I had jello-shots last night….never a good idea!

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