Lonely Friday

I spent Friday night sipping martinis and watching Sex and the City before passing out on the couch at 9:30. I can already predict that Fridays are not going to be my ‘Hot Child in the City’ nights.

At least I had the girls to keep me company, but this cabin fever has me ready to run out in the parking lot screaming, all while my early set-in tiredness and fresh blankets of snow warn me to stay in. Here’s hoping Saturdays get me out a little bit more.

I worked a ten hour shift yesterday, then stopped at the grocery store for more Diet Ginger Ale and my favorite martini gin: Tanqueray.

I changed into my workout clothes as soon as I got home so I wouldn’t be tempted not to exercise. But then I pondered 30 Day Shred, Pure Burn Super Strength, and those available on YouTube and was bored by the thought of all of them. Instead I dusted off the DVD shelves for a video I don’t use very often: Ripped in 30.

I don’t know why I don’t use this more often. I love that she follows the same 3-2-1 interval system as in 30 Day Shred, but she splits the three minutes of strength training into three exercises vs two, so it goes by much quicker. I was in and out in thirty minutes and ready for a shower and a martini.


Complete with one feta-stuffed olive and one sundried-tomato stuffed olive. Delightful. Even though Fridays have generally been no-cook Fridays recently, I’m trying to use more of the groceries instead of being lazy all weekend.

Thus, I made myself a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious (holy adjectives, Batman) black bean quesadilla.


I used two whole wheat tortillas (clocking in at 80 calories each) and topped one with refried black beans with chiles, spinach, diced roasted red peppers, diced grape tomatoes, and a handful of cheddar and monterey jack cheeses.


Sandwiched and into the skillet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray (I love the olive oil stuff!), and cooked on each side for about three minutes.

003I cut my quesadilla into four pieces (although it would have been much more manageable in six or eight) and topped it with some chopped avocado, salsa, and Greek yogurt.

Who needs to order in Mexican food on a Friday night when you can force yourself off the couch and tipsily make a quesadilla yourself? Not this girl.


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